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Sponsors & Backers

The ongoing development of all open source projects by Javi Aguilar like bootstrap-colorpicker and fontawesome-iconpicker, including all projects in Farbelous and CapsuleMonsters is possible entirely thanks to the support of these awesome backers.

If you'd like to join them and be featured in the websites of the most popular projects*, please consider:

A big thank you to all backers, sponsors and one-time donors! 🙏 , your support makes it easier for me to bring more quality and new features to the projects and create new ones, while also covering the expenses they generate (domains, services, software licenses, etc).



Thank you again,

Javi Aguilar

* To be featured in the websites you need to become a Sponsor in Patreon, however your name or username will be always listed regardless of the amount of your contribution(s).