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Personal macOS provisioning tasks for ansible
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macOS Provisioning with Ansible

Personal macOS provisioning tasks for ansible.

Install all your tools, apps and configurations with a few steps with the help of ansible, Homebrew, Cask and MAS.


Run the following on a clean (recommended) macOS install:

# Install for macOS Updates and reboot if needed
sudo softwareupdate -i -a --restart

# Install Command Line Tools
xcode-select --install

# run prepare script
curl -fsSL | bash -s

After running the prepare script, the provisioner files will be in the ~/.macos-provisioner directory.


Here you will find all configuration and apps that will be installed:

vim ~/.macos-provisioner/config.yml

You can also edit the default playbook file to your needs

vim ~/.macos-provisioner/playbook.yml


The provisioner needs to be run under the macos-provisioner source directory, which is ~/.macos-provisioner by default.

cd ~/.macos-provisioner 

Checking all playbook tasks

bin/provision playbook.yml --list-tasks

Full provisioning

Running all tasks

bin/provision playbook.yml

Running all tasks without interaction (although some apps like Virtualbox won't be installed)

bin/provision playbook.yml --skip-tags "interactive" --extra-vars "git_name='John Doe' git_email=''"

Using a custom playbook file

bin/provision my-custom-playbook.yml

Partial provisioning

Running tasks by tags

bin/provision playbook.yml --tags git,npm
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