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Nov 17, 2011
itsjeyd Remove .pyc files from index as we do not want to track them at this …
itsjeyd Fix \"one or more models did not validate error\" thrown by…
… syncdb when trying to set up the development database (Step 4 of the WikiTrans installation process according to the Wiki)
itsjeyd Fix AttributeError "module object has no attribute real_ugettext" thr…
…own by syncdb when trying to set up the development database (Step 4 of the WikiTrans installation process according to the Wiki
itsjeyd Fix "package directory wt_languages does not exist" error thrown by s…
… build install during the WikiTrans installation process (Step 2)
itsjeyd Fix AttributeError "Adminsite object has no attribute root". This err…
…or popped up when trying to access the (WikiTrans) PootleServer on localhost. (Django 1.3 compatibility issue)
Nov 22, 2011
itsjeyd Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
Nov 23, 2011
itsjeyd Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
Jan 19, 2012
itsjeyd Remove all .pyc files from the index; they do not need to be tracked. b1c098c
itsjeyd Clean up + refactor ff183d2
itsjeyd Add link to execute update_wiki_articles script 7d7f48f
itsjeyd (1) Add update_articles method; (2) Fix formatting for imports; (3) R…
…ewrite request_article method; this method now creates both an ArticleOfInterest *and* a SourceArticle from the request; this is a step towards seperating the logic handling requests for new articles from that which handles updating of existing SourceArticles.
itsjeyd Remove unused imports 900378c
Jan 25, 2012
itsjeyd Remove connection between SourceArticle model and mturk_manager.model…
…s.TaskItem model: We want to decouple wt_articles app from mturk_manager so we can eventually get rid of the latter
itsjeyd Remove duplicate imports e81b8c1
itsjeyd Fix location of code that checks for existing SourceArticles fc4ac69
itsjeyd Restore old behavior for the time being ad23f9a
itsjeyd Remove MTurkTranslatedSentence model, both from general list of model…
…s available for wt_articles and also from the admin interface
itsjeyd Remove in order to further decouple wt_articles and mturk_manager (th…
…ere's only one script - - that depends on this)
itsjeyd Remove, as we don't want to use MechanicalTurk for…
… translation anymore
itsjeyd Remove MECHANICAL_TURK from the list of available workers 0140b62
itsjeyd Remove mturk_manager from INSTALLED_APPS c94f302
itsjeyd Remove mturk_manager app completely 76bd149
itsjeyd Remove python-dateutil from list of dependencies; the only app that w…
…as using it was mturk_manager
itsjeyd Fix imports 8c3a734
itsjeyd Fix formatting of imports e7e5e7c
itsjeyd Fix _all_articles method to actually make it return a sorted list of …
…all SourceArticles
itsjeyd Add column for Revision ID of SourceArticle: This gives the user a vi…
…sual indication as to why list of articles contains duplicates
itsjeyd Restore old behavior (no SourceArticle is created upon user request) …
…for the time being
itsjeyd Delete two more scripts connected to mturk_manager 63f085d
itsjeyd Remove boto from the list of dependencies; it has become obsolete now…
… that all traces of mturk_manager have been removed
Jan 30, 2012
itsjeyd Change the way contents of SourceArticles are saved: Make sure citati…
…on references in square brackets (e.g. [5]) are excluded
itsjeyd Remove local_apps/wt_articles/ as it isn't used any…
itsjeyd Remove mwlib from list of dependencies (at least for now); the only s…
…cript using it was local_apps/wt_articles/
Feb 09, 2012
itsjeyd Remove unused dependencies 02a1005
itsjeyd Completely remove unused dependencies which do not provide templates …
…or templatetags folders; disable those that do but still aren't used for anything else
itsjeyd Remove previously disabled dependencies; it doesn't seem like their t…
…emplates / templatetags are used anywhere
itsjeyd Reformat comment at the top and flag some more dependencies we might …
…be able to get rid of
itsjeyd Remove .cvsignore - we are using git! :] d8ceda0
Feb 10, 2012
itsjeyd Remove trailing whitespace b97f808
itsjeyd Start work on changing the URL structure; our goal is to prefix every…
… URL with 'wikitrans'
itsjeyd Change URLs for "Projects" and "Help" in WT menu bar 9139898
itsjeyd Change URLs for "Admin" in WT menu bar; update links for tabs in admi…
…n interface accordingly
itsjeyd Update "Title" and "Fix Article" links in SourceArticle list df945db
itsjeyd Update "Help" link in page footer a6ad826
itsjeyd Update Project URLs in article list: Link to project (e.g. en.Avatar)…
…, "Delete" button, "Create new project" button
itsjeyd Update "Project" links in project index 9d25249
itsjeyd Completely remove all commented out code cbe699a
itsjeyd Add an additional line of whitespace between classes 83e5f6f
itsjeyd Fix formatting: Keep all lines to 79 chars or less f9ad1ba
itsjeyd Fix unbalanced parentheses af6476e
itsjeyd Remove trailing whitespace f5e69ed
itsjeyd Update "Name" links in Overview tab of project pages 72f3e8b
itsjeyd Change URL for "My Account" in WT menu bar 8d31d0c
Feb 11, 2012
itsjeyd Update tab links (Dashboard, Articles, Request, Settings, Profile, Pa…
…ssword) in My Account view
itsjeyd Update "Choose yours now" link in Dashboard tab under My Account fbb8c88
itsjeyd Start work on updating account-related links (Login, Logout, Register) 86da968
itsjeyd Fix redirect URL for login form d80e7f8
itsjeyd Update login link on registration page 6cc8040
itsjeyd Update "Code" links in Projects tab in Admin panel dbe6875
itsjeyd Update "Language" links in Administrate tab for single project view e8618c7
itsjeyd Fix page not found error for "News" tab in admin project view 2fa6e4c
itsjeyd Update links for all tabs in language administration view f2ec895
itsjeyd Update *all* links in "Review" tab of project administration view 8814a2a
itsjeyd Update *all* links in "Translate" tab of project administration view f226dbd
itsjeyd Fix "article.po" link in "Files" tab of project administration view 706717f
itsjeyd Update "Code" links in "Languages" tab of Admin view 77c90ac
itsjeyd Fix page not found error for Overview tab of language administration …
itsjeyd Remove "Request" tab from "My Account" view; it had been causing a pa…
…ge not found error. Furthermore, articles should be requested via the form next to the article list.
itsjeyd Update default redirect URL ('/accounts/login/') for login_required d…
…ecorator with WT prefix
itsjeyd Update "Quick Links" in "My Account view d3cc8b5
itsjeyd Update "Name" links in "Overview" tab of language administration a2653c3
itsjeyd Amend the last commit. While it did do what it was supposed to do for…
… the "Name" links in the "Overview" tab of language administration, it introduced a bug to the "article.po" links: Those ended up getting prefixed with "wikitrans" twice
itsjeyd Update "About this Pootle server" link in page footer 5ca30d8
Feb 12, 2012
itsjeyd Fix "Quick Links" in "My Account" view; they were causing problems si…
…milar to the ones described in commit 25d6fc5
itsjeyd Update "Name" links in "Overview" tab of language administration - th…
…is time without introducing bugs!
Feb 14, 2012
itsjeyd Update links in "Target Languages" column drop-down menu da2ce9f
itsjeyd Update subscription link for RSS feed on main page 44f299e
itsjeyd Update "Language" links on main page c04d6dd
itsjeyd Update "Project" links on main page 894c308
itsjeyd Update URL of main page 5e1c719
itsjeyd Update notification URLs 4c73dec
itsjeyd Improve formatting 5f94ae5
itsjeyd Improve formatting; remove commented out code 9d02252
itsjeyd Fix imports; remove commented out code; improve formatting eed8e55
itsjeyd Fix imports d38ddbc
itsjeyd Fix imports; improve formatting 6b70e89
itsjeyd Fix imports b118c48
itsjeyd Fix imports bf09861
Feb 18, 2012
itsjeyd Create SourceArticles only from those ArticleOfInterest objects whose…
… combination of title and title_language is unique; don't pull in new revisions of existing SourceArticles
itsjeyd Remove duplicate import d018901
Feb 19, 2012
itsjeyd Fix formatting f7fd85b
itsjeyd Include headlines of wiki articles when building SourceArticle object…
…s from them
itsjeyd Improve structure of method for better readability 7c7d28a
itsjeyd Make sure headings are displayed properly when viewing articles (firs…
…t version)
itsjeyd Introduce is_heading and heading_level attributes to SourceSentence m…
…odel in order to make it easier to control the way headings are displayed when viewing articles
itsjeyd Update the way headings are handled when displaying articles: Make us…
…e of new SourceSentence attributes is_heading and heading_level
Mar 18, 2012
itsjeyd Make sure translate-toolkit and python-protobuf are installed automat…
itsjeyd Remove commented out code feac77c
itsjeyd heading_level is a non-null column; make sure creation of SourceArtic…
…le objects doesn't fail because of this
itsjeyd Remove more dependencies: Some of them are completely obsolete, other…
…s don't need to be listed explicitly in requirements.txt because other packages in dependencies/ depend on them, so apt-get installs them automatically
itsjeyd Remove another obsolete dependency f1abb77
Mar 22, 2012
itsjeyd Allow null for SourceSentence.is_heading and SourceSentence.heading_l…
…evel columns
itsjeyd Use NullBooleanField instead of BooleanField for SourceSentence.is_he…
…ading: BooleanFields don't accept null
Mar 23, 2012
itsjeyd Fix regexp matching headings: It shouldn't match <hr> (horizontal rule) ed74509
itsjeyd Remove "Update Article List" link - average users should not be able …
…to do this
May 11, 2012
itsjeyd Remove unused imports and commented out code ef75e10
itsjeyd Remove trailing whitespace 7f5e490
itsjeyd Update with information about remote ServerLand host f5980d7
itsjeyd Update process of registering ServerLand host with WT to make it comp…
…atible with current ServerLand API
itsjeyd Reformat docstring of request_translation method 89b22ee
itsjeyd Remove commented out code 900647c
itsjeyd Remove commented out code 04cda52
May 16, 2012
itsjeyd Add comment fdef90a
May 19, 2012
Fix formatting of imports 9cacfee
May 20, 2012
Add import which had been removed accidentally 3888848
Update and adapt the way WT communicates with Serverland to send tran…
…slation requests (entry point for this functionality: wt_articles/management/commands/ Add new method providing functionality that was originally handled by create_translation method of XML-RPC server; adapt send_translation_requests and request_translation methods
May 29, 2012
Update and adapt the way WT communicates with Serverland to *fetch* c…
…ompleted translation requests (entry point for this functionality: wt_articles/management/commands/ Reimplement ServerlandHost.fetch_translations method to provide functionality that was originally handled by list_requests and list_results methods of XML-RPC server
May 30, 2012
itsjeyd Use request_id (generated by utils.generate_request_id) as shortname …
…for translation request sent to ServerlandHost; a reference to this id is saved in TranslationRequest.external_id attribute. The remote request_id attribute is automatically generated by the ServerlandHost
May 31, 2012
itsjeyd Fix status check for TranslationRequests 7043054
itsjeyd Add "wt_" prefix to automatically generated request_id for Translatio…
…nRequests; for whatever reason, supplying only the request_id as a 'shortname' to the ServerlandHost causes problems in the process of fetching results from the server
Jun 09, 2012
itsjeyd Refactor: Move imports to top of file to avoid duplication 89e1613
itsjeyd Fix formatting c3f723e
itsjeyd Refactor ServerlandHost.sync() method which takes care of registering…
… a Serverland host and its workers with WT
itsjeyd Increase vertical space between classes c89f1f5
itsjeyd Improve organization of imports 6a33021
itsjeyd Remove unused import 138d39f
itsjeyd Move imports from module-level function to beginning of file 9e7a499
itsjeyd Improve formatting: Code shouldn't run wider than 80 columns deaec96
Jun 10, 2012
itsjeyd Improve formatting: Code shouldn't run wider than 80 columns 3d79470
itsjeyd Refactor code that handles submission of translation requests to the …
…ServerlandHost (step 1)
itsjeyd Improve internal structure of ServerlandHost.request_translation method f10d8e4
itsjeyd Create separate methods for code handling creation of request body an…
…d request header
itsjeyd Remove comment (too vague to be useful later on) a67c43a
itsjeyd Move methods handling creation of request body and request header to …
…utils module
itsjeyd Remove unused utility function fd9af17
itsjeyd Improve formatting + remove commented out code bd90740
itsjeyd Remove comment 3a3689c
itsjeyd Reorder ServerlandHost methods df0a82c
itsjeyd Start refactoring ServerlandHost.fetch_translations method 1cd3b17
itsjeyd Adjust vertical space between methods 2df4959
itsjeyd Move helper method 'element_tree' to utils 96ab863
Jun 14, 2012
itsjeyd When creating new SourceArticles by parsing ArticlesOfInterest (= Wik…
…ipedia articles requested by the user), stop at the "Weblinks" section; enumerations like "0 Greg Smith | 2 Marcus Morris | 3 Goran Dragic | 4 Luis Scola | 5 Courtney Lee" are not translated by the Serverland workers and therefore cause problems when fetching translation (we expect source and translation to be aligned, which among other things means that the number of sentences needs to be equal).
Jun 16, 2012
itsjeyd Add delete_request method to ServerlandHost; this method takes the sh…
…ortname of a single translation request (which corresponds to the "external_id" attribute for TranslationRequest objects) as an argument and deletes the corresponding request from the server
itsjeyd Script that handles deletion of finished translation request; runs Se…
…rverlandHost.delete_request on each TranslationRequest whose status has been set to STATUS_FINISHED (i.e. each request whose translation has successfully been stored in the WT database)
Jun 26, 2012
itsjeyd YahooWorker inserts a special token for indicating sentence boundarie…
…s into translation result. Remove it before trying to align source sentences with result.
itsjeyd Before adding a given worker to the list of "eligible translators" fo…
…r a translation project, check whether or not the worker is alive
Jun 27, 2012
itsjeyd Remove any markup that LucyWorker inserts into the translation result…
… before trying to align source sentences with it.
Jul 29, 2012
itsjeyd Install specific version of django (1.3.1) 4b8079f
Jul 31, 2012
itsjeyd Delete trailing whitespace 1db80e3
itsjeyd Fix breadcrumbs: Link targets didn't have "wikitrans/" prefix 3a4825e
Aug 02, 2012
itsjeyd Fix "Lost your Password?" link on login page: Didn't have
"/wikitrans/" prefix
itsjeyd Add screenshots for README d9a0333
itsjeyd Remove tests that have become obsolete since communication with MT
serverland was reimplemented
Aug 03, 2012
itsjeyd New README: First commit 11c3555
itsjeyd Fix display of code snippets inside lists c9abbf5
itsjeyd Add "Introduction" section to README e3dbca1
itsjeyd Fix indentation level of "pip" section in README 9b6a32e
itsjeyd Add missing markup to WT root URL in README 1a85545
itsjeyd In "Dependencies" section of README, add link to "Installation"
itsjeyd Remove old READMEs 5818fd6
itsjeyd Turn script that sets up MT Serverland into a custom command 99b2694
itsjeyd Move *relevant* commands for dealing with translations to
wt_translation app
itsjeyd Suppress creation of default superuser when running the "initdb"
command: syncdb already takes care of it. Trying to do it again
results in an IntegrityError.
itsjeyd Update installation instructions: Include manual steps for setting up…
… Pootle
itsjeyd Remove references to automatically created default values for user
name and password of the superuser: They are now set manually, so we
shouldn't make any assumptions
Aug 04, 2012
itsjeyd Move dependencies in that should be installed using pip to…
… requirements.txt
itsjeyd For lxml, make sure version 2.3.2 (or higher) gets installed a12f59c
itsjeyd Sort dependencies in requirements.txt alphabetically (except for the
main ones which need to be installed first)
itsjeyd Update README to reflect changes in and requirements.txt 57ab497