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The layout of a document (hence) ... the form of presentation of something. ~ Wikipedia



  • Break long lines after 80 characters.
  • Delete trailing whitespace.
  • Don't include spaces after (, [ or before ], ).
  • Don't misspell.
  • If you break up an argument list, keep the arguments on their own lines and closing parenthesis on its own line.
  • If you break up a hash, keep the elements on their own lines and closing curly brace on its own line.
  • Indent private methods equal to public methods.
  • Use 4 space indentation (no tabs).
  • Use an empty line between methods.
  • Use spaces around operators, after commas, after colons and semicolons, around { and before }.
  • Use Unix-style line endings (\n).
  • Use uppercase for SQL key words and lowercase for SQL identifiers.


  • Avoid abbreviations.
  • Avoid types in names (user_array).
  • Name variables, methods, and classes to reveal intent.
  • Treat acronyms as words in names (XmlHttpRequest not XMLHTTPRequest), even if the acronym is the entire name (class Html not class HTML).


  • Order methods so that caller methods are earlier in the file than the methods they call.
  • Order methods so that methods are as close as possible to other methods they call.



  • Use the LESS syntax.
  • Use hyphens when naming mixins, extends, classes & variables: span-columns not span_columns or spanColumns.
  • Use space between property and value: width: 20px not width:20px.
  • Use a blank line above selector that has styles.
  • Prefer hex color codes #000.
  • Use // for comment blocks not /* */.
  • Use a space between selector and {.
  • Use single quotation marks for attribute selectors and property values.
  • Use only lowercase, including colors.
  • Don't add a unit specification after 0 values, unless required by a mixin.


  • Don't use ID's for style.
  • Use meaningful names: $visual-grid-color not $color or $vslgrd-clr.
  • Use ID and class names that are as short as possible but as long as necessary.
  • Append the prefix js- to ID's that are used by Javascript.
  • Avoid using the direct descendant selector >.
  • Avoid nesting more than 4 selectors deep.
  • Don't nest more than 6 selectors deep.
  • Avoid using the HTML tag in the class name: not
  • Avoid using HTML tags on classes with specific class names like .featured-articles.
  • Avoid using comma delimited selectors.
  • Avoid nesting within a media query.


File Formats

  • Use ASCII text.
  • Use ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8 character encoding. The encoding may be declared using declare(encoding = 'utf-8'); at the top of the file.
  • Use Unix formatting. "Unix formatted" means lines must end only with a line feed (LF). Line feeds are represented as ordinal 10, octal 012 and hex 0A. Do not use carriage returns (CR) like Macintosh computers do or the carriage return/line feed combination (CRLF) like Windows computers do.