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💫 Ganymede Codacy Badge

Ganymede is a content-focused, deploy-ready theme for Ghost, designed for my personal blog The Third Attempt.

The theme is based on Callisto by @jckyeh.

screenshot-home screenshot-reading


  • Better font & reading experience
  • Better structure for repeating elements
  • Clean-up unused and unnecessary elements
  • Metadata display on post list
  • Hover preloading via
  • Support for some Ghost 3.0 features, including bookmarks
  • Autodeploy to my Ghost instance via GitHub Actions
  • Preview post special styling & formatting
  • Featured post display order
  • Image lightbox via Fluidbox

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2019 Mingjie Jiang - Released under the MIT license.

Original work by Jack Yeh - Released under the MIT License. by Alexandre Dieulot - Released under the MIT License.

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