A minimalist new tab page with express urls.
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A minimalist new tab page with express urls.

What is this?

Thanks for installing Launch.

Launch provides a minimalist yet comfortable new tab experience for Chrome users. I finished this in around 3 hours of work, so expect bugs. Please email bugs to me at jiang@mingjie.info.

The lack of styling is intentional.

How do I use express link?

After entering settings page by typing Settings into the search bar, you'll be taken to the settings page, where you can define your own express links. Express links are shortcuts for urls of your choice, and unlike Chrome omnibar's autocomplete, you may define your own keywords, even if it is nowhere related to the url itself.

You will see two boxes. One of which is the trigger box, which defines your keywords of triggering express urls. The other is the urls that the keywords corresponds to. Start modifying keywords and urls, one per line. The numbers of keywords and urls have to match for you to save your configurations. For your own good, (and forgive my laziness), do not use \ in the settings fields.

After you are done, hit save. If for some reasons you broke my extension, hit reset to revive it. You will lose all your previous configurations.