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HHPanningTableViewCell - Swipe to reveal

HHPanningTableViewCell is a UITableViewCell implementing "swipe to reveal" a drawer view. Such a view typically holds action buttons applying to the current row.

This behavior is seen in a number of iOS applications. To my knowledge the idea was pioneered by Loren Brichter for Tweetie (aka Twitter for iPhone).

The HHPanningTableViewCell implementation was written for the ACTPrinter 4.0 application. The code presented here is identical to the one used in the shipped product.


  • Swipe to reveal implemented using gesture recognizer
  • Live tracking of swipe to progressively reveal drawer
  • Options to allow for swiping to left or right only
  • Bounce animation when hiding drawer
  • Foreground view casts shadow on drawer when moved aside


  • iOS 5.1 or later
  • ARC memory management


  • Copy the following to your project:
    • HHDirectionPanGestureRecognizer.h
    • HHDirectionPanGestureRecognizer.m
    • HHInnerShadowView.h
    • HHInnerShadowView.m
    • HHPanningTableViewCell.h
    • HHPanningTableViewCell.m
  • Use HHPanningTableViewCell instances for your table cells
  • Set a panning direction mask on the cells
  • Provide a drawer view for the cells
  • Refer to the demo application for details


This code is made available under the terms of the BSD license as included in the source files. Go fork and prosper!