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A minimalistic particle theme landing page template. ⚛️
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A particle-theme template as a landing page for your portfolio.


Using the Template

  • Fork and Clone the repository

    $ git clone
  • Go inside the main repository

    $ cd ParticleGround-Portfolio
  • Modify index.html to change the names and links to point at your pages.

  • Upload your resume in the place of deedy.pdf (Or One can use the famous deedy template and build on that)

Particle Feature

The particle feature was obtained with the help of this particleground. The changes in the particles such as speed, drift, colour, direction, density, etc. can be modified in demo.js. Refer to the above link for more details.

References and Inspiration

This template is a minimal form of the Particle Jekyll Template. Shoutout to my friend Arko Chatterjee for the motivation.

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