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# Gridwax
-Gridwax is a bookmarklet that was designed to make working with vertical rhythm on the web less painful. It overlays a baseline grid on your website, that you can quickly adjust using keyboard shortcuts, or by entering values manually!
+Vertical Rhythm is the spacing and arrangement between words as a user reads down the page. On the web, this is a difficult thing to get right, even with tools like [Compass]( assisting.
+The problem really comes in, when you have multiple columns of text. If you want text lines to consistently land in the same places, you really need a visual aid that you can quickly drop in at any point as a reference.
+This is where the [Gridwax]( bookmarklet comes in; Once you’ve got it secured on your bookmark bar, you can drop the overlay on your site, and use hotkeys to quickly adjust it to match your baseline.
#### Where to get it: [](

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