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Starter Pack of Talon Modules (for use with Talon)

This collection of modules contains a starter pack of voice commands to be used with Talon, a hands-free input replacement. Modules for eye tracking with the Tobii 4C eye tracker are not included in this pack, but can be found in Talon Community.

Some modules were originally copied from Talon Community.


  • Install Talon
  • Install Dragon (most commands may also work with the free built-in voice engine)
  • Microphone (built in microphone won't produce great results, a good microphone makes a significant difference)

Follow the Getting Started section of the Talon docs.


Clone this repository into ~/.talon/user. Any files in this directory will automatically be loaded into Talon.

Getting Started

Check out this blog post Getting Started with Voice Driven Development.

Add Additional Modules

You will need to supplement this starter pack with additional modules depending on your needs. For example, you may need modules for some applications you use, languages you write, or your preferred text editor. Check out the following repositories for additional modules:

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