The one-liner to spin up a code search engine
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The one-liner to spin up a code search engine

OpenGrok is a code search engine made by Sun (and now Oracle).

It provides similar functions to LXR but much more. This project encapsulated OpenGrok into a docker container, allowing you to start an instance of OpenGrok by one command.


To start the OpenGrok, simply run:

docker run -d -v [source to be indexed on host]:/src -p [public port]:8080 itszero/opengrok

It may take a while for the indexer to finish the first-time indexing, after that, the search engine is available at http://host:[public port]/source/.


The project supports dynamic index updating through inotifywait recursively on the source folder. This can be disabled with the environment variable INOTIFY_NOT_RECURSIVE at runtime. Also, if you have more than 8192 files to watch, you will need to increase the amount of inotify watches allowed per user (/proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches) on your host system.

NOTE: touch doesn't trigger inotify. You should add, delete or modify the content of some source file to make it happen.