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This is a pretty feature bare gdb style debugger for WASM webpages. It works by using proxies to hook WASM module operations and providing a gdb view to set breakpoints and inspect memory.

This is currently only has a few features but works alright for some debugging some WASM memory corruption. The main feature is the easy of reading module memory.

How To

  • Enable the extension
  • Go to the page you want to debug and open the dev tools, the proxy hooks should start working.
  • Click the extension icon to open the debugger
  • Reload the page you want to debug. The debugger should say it loaded some wasm functions
  • Now you can set breakpoints in the debugger
  • Refreshing the original page will keep breakpoints and rerun the wasm


  • i f to get a list of functions
  • disassemble <function name or number> Print the disassembly (via chrome) of the function. Can use function index number instead of name.
  • break <function>:<line> Set a break point on a given line of the disassembly (via chrome)
  • si Single step
  • c Continue execution
  • x/<num>[bhw][xd] <address> Examine memory like gdb. Must be broken to use.
  • Printing stack values on step


  • Many
  • Cannot see locals
  • Currently only works for a single page. If you change debug targets you will have to reload the plugin
  • Cannot catch crashes
  • Not sure how it would handle thread stuff but might be ok
  • No removing breakpoints atm


A chrome extension to provide a slightly easier debugging UI for WASM modules



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