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Added forgotted fixtures file for remote tests

Replace placeholders with your test account settings to run remote tests, similar to active_merchant
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commit 1830d16067fee03e704c71df8cc7f242946d46d7 1 parent ed6b267
Alex Lebedev authored
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30 tracker/test/fixtures.yml
@@ -0,0 +1,30 @@
+# This file has all of the ActiveMerchant test account credentials.
+# Many gateways do not offer publicly available test accounts. In
+# order to make testing the gateways easy you can copy this file to
+# your home directory as the file ~/.active_merchant/fixtures.yml
+# You can then place your own test account credentials in your local
+# copy of the file.
+# If the login is numeric, ensure that you place quotes around it.
+# Leading zeros will be lost when YAML parses the file if you don't.
+# Paste any required PEM certificates after the pem key.
+ login: LOGIN
+ password: PASSWORD
+ is_test: true
+# You can use either your API PEM file or API signature with PayPal.
+ login: LOGIN
+ password: PASSWORD
+ subject:
+ pem: |--
+ login: LOGIN
+ password: PASSWORD
+ signature: SIGNATURE
+ is_test: true
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