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  1. gibbon gibbon Public

    A compiler for functional programs on serialized data

    C 146 13

  2. lvars lvars Public

    The LVish Haskell library

    Haskell 82 14

  3. HSBencher HSBencher Public

    General benchmarking framework. Especially good at parameter studies.

    Haskell 13 8

  4. haskell_dsl_tour haskell_dsl_tour Public

    Examples of relevant technologies for implementing DSLs in Haskell.

    Haskell 13

  5. verified-instances verified-instances Public

    Verified instances for parallel programming.

    Haskell 8 5

  6. liteinst liteinst Public

    Runtime application probing with lightweight binary instrumentation. Related to PLDI17.

    C++ 8 1


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