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REL-0.30 (TBD)
* CSS transitions for slide animation (for backward compatibility disabled by default) (Issue 97)
* Support javascript: URLs in links (Issue 134)
* Support loading complete pages in "WebApp" mode using target="_webapp" (Issue 135)
* Added Red Button .redButton CSS and border-image (Issue 46)
* Allow outbound links to anchor tags (Issue 82)
* If HTML page is loaded with anchor to a loaded page/fragment/view, scroll to it (Issue 107)
* Fix problem with hash and URLs like http://[site]/[webapp]/page.php/pageName.htm (Issue 122)
REL-0.20 2009-05-08
* Use onorientationchange event for orientation with fallback to use of window.innerWidth. (Issue 84)
* Change value of orient attribute on body element for portrait mode from profile to portrait. (Issue 85)
* Add support for radio buttons and checkboxes (Issue 9)
* Add support for textarea in forms (Issue 11)
* Add support for static text in a panel using span tags (Issue 52)
* Add isNativeUrl() function to let certain URLs (tel, Google Maps, etc) have default handling (Issue 63)
REL-0.13 2007-11-04
* Add Joe's examples directory to SVN
* Add -webkit-box-sizing to CSS
* Generate compressed CSS as part of Ant build
* Changed releaseNotes.txt to reverse chronological order
* See Google code issues:
REL-0.12 2007-10-19
* Google Code Release of v0.12
v0.12 7/17/2007
* Fix bug that caused back button to disappear
v0.11 7/16/2007
* Fixed bug where clicking a form background would make it disappear
* Added support for <a type="cancel"> to cancel dialogs
* Added leftButton class for placing toolbar buttons on the left
* Added whiteButton and grayButton styles for large dialog buttons
* Support axis="y" to animate pages in vertically
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