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NOTICE.txt - iUI credits and copyright notices
iUI is Copyright (c) 2007-2014 by the iUI project members:
M. Sean Gilligan (msgilligan)
Remi Grumeau
Past members:
Joe Hewitt (joehewitt)
Christopher Allen (ChristopherA)
schlueter - committed fixes for issues #9, #11, #63 -- added samples
??? - created iUI icon
kris.tate - named it "iUI", created Google Code project, initial checkin
Kasim Ahmic - defaulthd theme (retina graphics)
others - let us know if we missed you
iUI users - thanks for your patience, feedback, and bug reports
* iUI includes software developed by the Mozilla Project
Copyright (c) 1997-2007, Netscape Communications Corporation and others.
All rights reserved.
* iUI includes software developed by the Dojo Foundation
* iUI includes software developed by LCA Soft Ltd.
* iUI includes software developed by the ant-googlcode Project
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