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REL-0.4.1 2014-04-28
* Use 'bubble' mode for iUI events (simplifies and improves plugins)
* Namespace iUI Javascript events, e.g. 'load' becomes 'iui.load'
* Remove dependency on querySelectorAll()
* Remove some GAE website-related files from the release (e.g. WEB-INF directory)
REL-0.4 2012-08-11
* Code cleaup around iui.busy flag - fix Issue #346 (
* README.txt is now (markdown) for GitHub
* Update GAE version and scripts for demo site on Google App Engine
REL-0.4-beta3 2012-05-10
* Adjust our release naming convention from 0.40 to 0.4
* Major fixes/improvements to AJAX form submission (Issue #48, Issue #67, Issue #72, Issue #77)
* Treat sms: and callto: as "native links" (Issue #319)
* Add "HD" icon and images from the 0.50 branch
* Text Alignment fixes in .panel (Issue #90)
* Call onsubmit() for forms using submit buttons (Issue #53)
* Gradient theme (defaultgrad) replaces PNG file for .panel background
* Fix alignment issues for radio, checkbox, and select (Issue #90)
* Correctly handle form inputs with names of "action" or "method" (Issue #94)
* Support standard form submit inputs input[type="submit"] everywhere (Issue #332)
* Tutorial examples from are now in the release (web-app/tutorials/getting-started/)
* Other formatting fixes, testing and documentation fixes, etc.
REL-0.40-beta2 2012-01-26
* Use location.replace() and location.assign() rather than location.hash in updatePage
* Save originalPage and use it if location.hash becomes "" (Fix for Issue #322)
* HD theme (for retina display) in the sandbox (ext-sandbox/t/defaulthd)
* Fix Theme Switcher for Safari 5.1 (Issue #317)
REL-0.40-beta1 2012-01-03
* Update console logging function and control it with iui.logging boolean property
* Bug fixes and improvements to iui.css
* Bug fixes and improvements to default theme
* Bug fixes and improvements to default gradients theme
* Bug fixes and improvements to Android theme
* Bug fixes and improvements to WebOS theme
* Fixes and improvements in some test HTML files
* Update copyright date to 2012
* First release since switch to Git revision control system
REL-0.40-alpha1 2011-09-30
* Fix for Issue #301 -- <a> tag with no href and onclick
* Fix for Issue #303 -- viewport metatags should use commas not semicolons
* Fix for Issue #256 (Input field styling doesn't work in Safari 5+
* Fix ajax calls against file URLs (don't treat xhr.status of 0 as error)
* Have iui.css use 'landscape' class rather than custom orient='landscape' attribute
REL-0.40-dev3 2011-09-03
* Improvements and bugfixes to extension events
* iui.getAllViews (still needs code for older browsers!!!)
* iui.busy flag to fix Issue #191
* Android and WebOS themes
* Commented iui.js using Peter Rust's toolkit
* New extensions in Sandbox
* Javascript Loader (jit-loader)
* Cache Manager
* TbBMod (Toolbar button modification)
* Reachability
* Google Analytics
* HTML 5 Video
* Fragment unloader extension
* CanVG extension
* License change to MIT License (was New BSD License)
REL-0.40-dev2 2009-12-18
* Fix Issue #138 (orientation css not updating)
* Fix Issue #184 (hardcoded width of 320 in "orientation event fallback")
* Re-enable call to submitForm in onsubmit in showForm()
(rev d6abb099744e6ae7f1591e3208d3d54bb35c2a51)
* Merge all -moz-* properties back in to iui.css and theme css
* Fix Issue #124 (Panel height too short on webapp-capapble) and add a test for it
* Create placeholder for gradient version of default theme
* Add iui.goBack() and use it instead of history.back()
* Add iUI favicon.ico and iui-favicon.png
* Added starting point/placeholder for QUnit Tests
* Numerous additions and improvements to Test pages
* Numerous improvements to Google App Engine website
REL-0.40-dev1 2009-10-06
* Work in progress
* Add events to iui/iui.js
* Add iui-views extension
* Integrate masabi rail-tickets and iui_ext
REL-0.30 2009-08-06
* CSS transitions for slide animation (for backward compatibility disabled by default) (Issue 97)
* Support javascript: URLs in links (Issue 134)
* Support loading complete pages in "WebApp" mode using target="_webapp" (Issue 135)
* Added Red Button .redButton CSS and border-image (Issue 46)
* Allow outbound links to anchor tags (Issue 82)
* If HTML page is loaded with anchor to a loaded page/fragment/view, scroll to it (Issue 107)
* Fix problem with hash and URLs like http://[site]/[webapp]/page.php/pageName.htm (Issue 122)
REL-0.20 2009-05-08
* Use onorientationchange event for orientation with fallback to use of window.innerWidth. (Issue 84)
* Change value of orient attribute on body element for portrait mode from profile to portrait. (Issue 85)
* Add support for radio buttons and checkboxes (Issue 9)
* Add support for textarea in forms (Issue 11)
* Add support for static text in a panel using span tags (Issue 52)
* Add isNativeUrl() function to let certain URLs (tel, Google Maps, etc) have default handling (Issue 63)
REL-0.13 2007-11-04
* Add Joe's examples directory to SVN
* Add -webkit-box-sizing to CSS
* Generate compressed CSS as part of Ant build
* Changed releaseNotes.txt to reverse chronological order
* See Google code issues:
REL-0.12 2007-10-19
* Google Code Release of v0.12
v0.12 7/17/2007
* Fix bug that caused back button to disappear
v0.11 7/16/2007
* Fixed bug where clicking a form background would make it disappear
* Added support for <a type="cancel"> to cancel dialogs
* Added leftButton class for placing toolbar buttons on the left
* Added whiteButton and grayButton styles for large dialog buttons
* Support axis="y" to animate pages in vertically
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