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Visualize your resume!

resumalize example

##What is this

Resumalize is a way to visualize your resume in a clear and simple manner. There are numerous services available online to build your resume, but I wanted something to embed on a site/blog and thus created it.



##How to use it

In order to visualize your resume, create a json with the proper structure with all your work/volunteering/learning experiences and provide it to the resumalize builder along the DOM container you want it to display in.

##JSON structure

The json is an object that consists of 2 main blocks: work and learning properties.

Both work and learning properties hold an array of objects.

###work array's object structure

  "type": "paidJob|volunteering",
  "dateStart": "YYYY-MM-DD",
  "dateEnd": "YYYY-MM-DD|- (here and later on - use a dash to indicate current date)",
  "place": "Company name",
  "title": "Your title",
  "keyFigures": ["(optional property, will appear in popup)", "1200+ hours of training", "1800+ people trained"],
  "responsibilities": [
      "title": "Short description of responsibility",
      "description": "Long description of your responsibility",
      "tech": {
        "python": ["django", "django-rest-framework"],
        "javascript": ["angularjs", "jquery", "d3.js"],
        "postgresq": []
      "achievements": ["a", "list", "of", "your", "achievements"],
      "type": "tech|non-tech (optional, currently not used)",
      "problemsAddressed": ["revenue generation", "talent development"],
      "dateStart": "YYYY-MM-DD",
      "dateEnd": "YYYY-MM-DD|-",


The tech property is an optional property with an object that consists of "major" technologies which in their turn consist of a list of "derivative" technologies, such as frameworks or libraries. Currently the techs aren't displayed anywhere - this is one of the items on the TODO list.

###work array's object structure

  "type": "face2face|online",
  "dateStart": "YYYY-MM-DD",
  "dateEnd": "YYYY-MM-DD|-",
  "place": "University/School name",
  "title": "Your title",
  "specialty": "Your specialty (optional) It will appear in popup on mousemove."

##TODO list

  • add a chart that will visualize the known technologies and the period when the user started working with them;
  • visualize details in the slope chart on mouseover on the chart labels;
  • improve corner rounding functionality to account for more complex shapes;