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A lightweight PHP class that can generate sitemaps
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Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator is a lightweight PHP class that can generate sitemaps.


$ composer require iulyanp/sitemap-generator

How it works

The XmlSitemapGenerator class can generate Google sitemaps in xml formats.


use Iulyanp\Sitemap\SitemapConfig;
use Iulyanp\Sitemap\XmlSitemapGenerator;

$config = new SitemapConfig('', '');
$sitemapGenerator = new XmlSitemapGenerator($config);

// generate some static links
$sitemapGenerator->addItem('/', '1.0', 'daily', 'now');
$sitemapGenerator->addItem('/about', '0.4', 'yearly', 'Jul 08');
$sitemapGenerator->addItem('/contact', '0.7', 'monthly', '11-11-2009');

// create the index sitemap for all generated sitemaps

The SitemapGenerator needs an instance of SitemapConfig which takes as it's first argument the webDomain and optionally as the second argument the mobileDomain. When you specify the second argument all the sitemap items will contain also a mobile element.

Also you could specify:

  • the path where the sitemaps will be saved with `$config->setPath('/sitemaps/')
  • the filename of the generated sitemaps $config->setFilename('sitemap')
  • the baseUrl with $config->setBaseUrl('sitemap') eg. http://host.domain/{baseUrl}/{filename}

require_once './vendor/autoload.php';

use Iulyanp\Sitemap\SitemapConfig;
use Iulyanp\Sitemap\SitemapGeneratorInterface;
use Iulyanp\Sitemap\XmlSitemapGenerator;

class AppSitemap
    private $sitemapGenerator;

    public function __construct(SitemapGeneratorInterface $sitemapGenerator)
        $this->sitemapGenerator = $sitemapGenerator;
    public function generate()
        // generate some static links
        $this->sitemapGenerator->addItem('/', '1.0', 'daily', 'now');
        $this->sitemapGenerator->addItem('/about', '0.8', 'monthly', 'Jun 25');
        $this->sitemapGenerator->addItem('/contact', '0.6', 'yearly', '14-12-2009');

        // create a DB query and dynamically generate the links
        for ($i = 0; $i <= 100000; $i++) {
            $this->sitemapGenerator->addItem('/products/' . $i . '/');

        // create the index sitemap for all generated sitemaps

$config = new SitemapConfig('', '');
$sitemapGenerator = new XmlSitemapGenerator($config);

$app = new AppSitemap($sitemapGenerator);

You can also add extra tags on each item from your sitemap if you extend XmlSitemapGenerator and overwrite the addOptionalTags method.

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