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Package Replacement Plugin for Yum

This plugin enables the ability to replace an installed package, with another package that provides the same thing. It was developed specifically for the IUS Community Project whose packages have alternative names as to not automatically upgrade stock packages. They also do not Obsolete the packages they provide, therefore making upgrading a little bit more tedious. For example upgrading mysql to mysql50 or mysql51 requires first uninstalling mysql and then installing the alternate package name. An alternative is using the yum shell allowing you do uninstall, and install packages in one operation.

This plugin allows the end user to replace a package with another in the following fashion:

$ yum replace mysql --replace-with mysql51

The plugin first determines what mysql (or the original package) provides and then verifies that the alternative package (mysql51) also provides the same. It continues to determine what other sub-packages of mysql are installed and then determines the replacement package from the mysql51 set, also ensuring that the new package has the same 'provides'.

If a package does not meet the 'providers' requirements the process will halt and ask for user approval to continue. Then end user can optionally pass -y to assume yes to this inquiry. It should be noted that it is quite common that a newer 'replacement' package would not fully provide everything that the original package did.

Source Code and Bug Tracking

The source code for yum-plugin-replace is currently hosted on GitHub. All bugs/feature requests can be reported there.


This plugin is Open Source and released under the GNU GPLv2. Please see the LICENSE file that came with this source.