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Wishlist Request Instructions

This wishlist is used to request new packages for the IUS repository. Before creating a request, check and see if one already exists. You can also check in our iusrepo organization to see if a repository already exists for that package. If you need to report an issue or request an update for an existing package, file an issue on that repository, not here.

After verifying your request is actually new, create an issue in this repository. A template will be provided; please make sure to complete all requested information, as described below.

  • What package do you want? Remember that our primary goal is to provide newer versions of packages from the base repositories. If the package doesn't already exist in RHEL/CentOS, consider submitting it to EPEL instead.

  • Why do you need a newer version? A good reason would be to be able to use a specific feature that is only available in newer versions of the software. A bad reason would be to pass a security audit, because Red Hat actively backports security fixes to their stock packages.

  • Do you agree to test the new package to ensure that it works as expected? We don't have any minimum requirements for testing, so use your best judgement and be as thorough as you feel is appropriate. Once you feel the package is ready and would like to see it promoted to the main repository, comment on the issue with the word "STABLE".