@iustin iustin released this Feb 7, 2016 · 37 commits to master since this release

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This a mostly a cleanup release after many years of no updates,
integrating pending fixes and distribution patches from Debian and
RedHat, and a change of maintainership:

  • many updates to density codes (SDLT, LTO 5,6 and 7, etc.) (various
  • multiple man page updates (various people)
  • improve default tape device handling in mt: check that it actually
    is a character device, in order to show better error messages when
    /dev/tape is a different type (e.g. directory when using udev)
  • small bug fix in stinit in parsing the input file (David Binderman)
  • improve build system by allowing easier customisation of build flags
    and installation directory (via DESTDIR, not prefix) and by
    sanitising the creation of the dist archive (Iustin Pop)
  • sanitise the source code to get rid of GCC warnings (Jan Christoph
    Nordholz, Iustin Pop)
  • add stshowoptions alias to stshowopt (Ivo De Decker)
  • expand the provided stinit.def.examples file (Suggested by
    Ralf-Peter Rohbeck)
  • improve the --help output of stinit (Dan Horák)
  • change of maintainership to Iustin Pop iustin@k1024.org