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GraphQL Developer Roadmap for 2019
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GraphQL Fullstack Developer Roadmap



I suggest you to avoid GraphQL tutorials that rely on Prisma/Hasura/Postgraphile/Autho0 and other proprietary stacks.

  1. High-level GraphQL tools of today won't probably exist 1-2 years ahead.
  2. At least not in their current form.
  3. They're hightly unstable: APIs & concepts change rapidly.

GraphQL on itself hovewer (being a language) changes slow and gracefully. So learn fundamentals first and consider those code generators after you get some real-world experience with GraphQL.


Not Recommended

  • GraphQL: Scalable APIs (PluralSight) (server)
    Not bad but outdated. The sequence of topics could be better.
  • Modern GraphQL bootcamp (Udemy) (fullstack)
    Good beginning, then switches to Prisma and things get messy.
  • Advanced React and GraphQL (Wes Bos) (fullstack)
    Relies on Prisma. Attempts to teach you Markup & CSS, React, and GraphQL in parallel.
  • GraphQL with React (Udemy) (fullstack)
    It's not bad but way too slow and bloated for my taste.
  • How to GraphQL ( (fullstack)
    Sneakingly inserts Prisma into the narrative.
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