Subjective solutions of typical fullstack problems
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Subjective Fullstack (book drafts)

There are a lot of things people don't like talking about because they are "subjective". A lot of them turn out to be more important for quality and productivity than those... "objective" ones.

Asking such questions, the common answer you get is "It depends" or "Do how you prefer". As if you have infinite time to try every library, framework or approach. As if this process is more important then learning fundamentals, doing physical exercises, etc.

In this text I will explore the most "secret" areas, compare their alternatives, and give some guides and clues to choose between them. Nothing can replace your own experience but in the lack of information even opinion matters a lot. And yes, in 2016 we still lack information in tons of areas (once you remove social and marketing noise).

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@SteveALee (suggestions for immutability section)