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Table of contents

What it looks like

Drag-and-drop demos

Adding time to tasks

Basic editing: create, move, resize (click to expand)

Advanced editing: copy, move/resize with neighbors (click to expand)

How to use it

Showing events from your daily notes

  1. Either the core 'Daily Notes' or the 'Periodic Notes' plugins should be enabled
  2. The Dataview plugin should be enabled
  3. Open timeline view the following command: Show the day planner timeline

Everything Dataview recognizes as a task is shown in the timeline, including:

  • Tasks inside callouts
  • Nested tasks. If a nested task has a timestamp, it'll show up as a separate block, and will be excluded from its parent's unscheduled sub-items list

Showing internet calendars

To show events from internet calendars like Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar and Outlook you only need to add an ICS link in the plugin settings.

Where to get a Google Calendar link

Google Calendar instructions

Where to get an iCloud link

iCloud Calendar instructions

Where to get an Outlook link

Outlook Calendar instructions

Here's the relevant part:

Under the settings in Outlook on the web, go to Calendar > Shared calendars. Choose the calendar you wish to publish and the level of details that you want others to see.

Here's how the settings look on the web version:


If your organization doesn't let you share your calendar this way, you might try a different way described in this issue.

Showing events from other files in your vault

  1. Include its folder or tag into the Dataview filter
  2. Add time and a date that Dataview recognizes: ⏳ 2021-08-29 or [scheduled:: 2021-08-29] or (scheduled:: 2021-08-29).

Full examples:

- [ ] 08:00 - 10:00 This task uses the shorthand format (used by obsidian-tasks) ⏳ 2021-08-29
- [ ] 11:00 - 13:00 This task uses the Dataview property format [scheduled:: 2021-08-29]

obsidian-tasks adds a modal with some handy shortcuts for adding dates like these.

What else you can do

  • Observe your progress in the status bar
  • Use the week view for multi-day planning
  • Color tasks based on time
  • Click on the timeline to create tasks
  • Drag tasks to re-schedule
  • Copy tasks
  • Move multiple tasks at once


  • Show the Day Planner Timeline
  • Open today's Day Planner
  • Show the Week Planner
  • Insert Planner Heading at Cursor

Note on the old plugin version

0.7.0 significantly changes what the plugin looks like and what it does. If you like to have some of the old behaviors back, consider creating an issue.

If for some reason you still want to use the old version, there are community forks, which you can use via BRAT. Here is one such fork.


  • Thanks to James Lynch for the original plugin
  • Thanks to replete, whose fork I initially forked
  • Thanks to Michael Brenan for Dataview
  • Thanks to Joshua Tazman Reinier for his plugin, which gave me an idea of how to integrate with Dataview
  • Thanks to @liamcain for creating daily note utilities and a helpful calendar plugin