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First of all, thank you for your attention and time for this project and for reading this small but important document. All of us do the good things when contribute some code for shared interests.

Below, you can find some rules. It are not strict rules but desirable for use for a contribution.

If you have any ideas for improvement of this project, you can create an issue with name "Improvement: <your idea name>".
If you find some bug in the program code you can create an issue with name "Bug: <short bug decription>". Please, specify all important information for reproducing bug.
If you have any question, please, send your question to contact email.
If you have some code for this project, please, use pull request. Use correspond marks: "Fix: <issue num>" ,"Feature: <name>", "DSL: <changes name>" or "Internal changes: <name>".
If you have some doc fixes (including corrections of grammar), please, use pull request with the mark "DOC: ".

If you didn't find recomendations to behaviour for your case in this file, please, follow the logic or send email.

Contact email:

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