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About This Repo

This repo is the source of UDL documentations site, that is based on Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages.

The UDL docs site serves to demonstrate and document new UDL (User Defined Language), it is a feature of Notepad++ editor through which users can define their own syntax highlighting.

Original web address:


tl;tr For pull request, please do check Allow edits from maintainers, and merge from your new branch into my master branch.

Two ways to contribute to this repo:

  1. Simple way: Directly propose file change(s) in
  2. Standard way: Fork and pull request model

For details, please see There are some design matters for your reference.

Other things

Site dev status:

  • responsive layout
  • better reading experience
  • supporting old devices, e.g. Chrome/Firefox on Windows XP

For changes of UDL rules and help, please discuss on official Notepad++ community.

This repo is for documentation only, source code is available at Notepad++ repo on Github.

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