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@ivanamat ivanamat released this Feb 18, 2018



  • AclManager.hideDenied Hide plugins, controllers and actions denied in ACLs lists.


  • AclManager.ignoreActions Ignore all plugins, controllers and actions you don't want to add to your ACLs.
    Configure::write('AclManager.ignoreActions', array(
        'actionName', // ignore action
        'Plugin.*', // Ignore the plugin
        'Plugin.Controller/*', // Ignore the plugin controller
        'Plugin.Controller/Action', // Ignore specific action from the plugin.
        'Error/*' // Ignore the controller
        'Error/Action' // Ignore specifc action from controller
  • Updated indexctp and permissioins.ctp: Show or hide ACLs that do not have permissions in the ACL list. Show flash messages below the actions panel.
  • Fixed acoUpdate syncronization.
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