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Pegula CRM - AngularJS + Python/Django


Pegula CRM is a CRM web application for managing employees, candidates, organizations, tasks, messages and projects. It is under active development and currently has a fully functional authentication (login) system, user (admin) and employee management system implemented.

Technology Used

Pegula CRM is an AngularJS app connecting to the Django backend which implements the Web service API. The backend is available at

Other libraries used include: RequireJS, angular-ui-router, angular-ui-grid, angular-couch-potato, lodash, karma, jasmine... See bower.json for the full list of dependencies.


If you'd like to install Pegula CRM locally checkout the pegula-django repository, install its requirements and create the database with the following commands:

git clone pegula-django/

cd pegula-django

pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt  # install Python dependencies

python3 migrate #create the database and load initial data

python3 runserver #run the server on localhost:5050

Checkout pegula-crm and install it's dependencies with the following commands:

git clone pegula-crm/

cd pegula-crm/config

bower install

Build Script

The build script is available in grunt-tasks. To create the build directory run the following

cd ..

cd grunt/tasks

npm install


This will run the Gruntfile.js and:

  • concatenate all .js and .html files into a single .js file,
  • copy all necessary lib .js, .css and font files
  • minify all those files
  • append a hash to every file
  • and rename all references to those files so that they point to the correct hashed version

After the build is finished, new files will be available at pegula-crm/build


To run unit tests install the dependencies by running:

cd pegula-crm

npm install

This will install karma, jasmine, angular-mocks and other libraries necessary to run the tests.

Start the karma server. This will execute all tests under the pegula-crm/test folder.

UI Testing

For testing purposes the following login credentials are available:


Here are some screenshots of the app. Demo will be available soon.


Employee Dashboard

Create Employee

Create User


CRM Web Application (AngularJS + Django)






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