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A hypothetical web app written in Go on top of Martini.

How does this differ from most other go-martini repos? It integrates Grunt, Bower, and AngularJS.

System Requirements

  1. Git: Duh
  2. Nodejs: Make sure you use the following version (4.2.1):
C:\Users\Ivan>npm --version
C:\Users\Ivan>node --version
  1. Grunt: npm install -g grunt-cli
  2. Bower: npm install -g bower
  3. Go
    • We're using Martini, Docs: go get
    • Auth for Martini: go get

Dude Why So many freakin' tools???

  1. Nodejs: Even though we're using Go for our app, several of the client-side toolset uses command line apps that are "extensions" of node. npm is Node's 'Node Package Manager' and is the accessor to Node's enormous repository of ready-to-use libraries. You need this to install Grunt and Bower. Competitors: None (not for what we're using it for)? Maybe Ruby has something similar with gem? Maybe there's a Go task runner?
  2. Grunt: Awesome task runner for anything. See the Gruntfile.js for an example config. It is used to define everything on our project - How to build our Go code, compile SASS into minified CSS, minify HTML, run Jasmine/Karma tests (unit testing framework for javascript), etc... Competitors: Gulp, etc...
  3. Bower: Similar to npm, but only for client-side dependencies. This is where we define the version of AngularJS we're using, Bourbon Neat, etc...
  4. Go: Uh... we need Go to actually go write this Go app.
    • Martini: I tried doing HTTP routing in pure Go but there's alot of annoying syntax to deal with. For now, I think Martini is the way to go. See main.go for examples on HTTP routes. We can easily apply auth to specific routes which is really what we want.
  5. Bourbon Neat: This is the Node port for the Ruby library. It's a complete framework for building anything the SASS way... highly recommended by the best Ruby on Rails guy I know. Fortunately there are Node ports for these: node-sass, node-bourbon, node-neat. It provides a grid and several other things required from a UI standpoint to get us building an awesome front-end. This replacement will significantly reduce our SCSS bloat and remove our need for Ruby/Compass.


Pull the project down from git:

git clone

Navigate to the folder and Get Everything

npm install
bower update

Other System Changes

Verify that the following System Variables exist:

  1. GOPATH = (path\to\directory\with\all\go\projects)
  2. GOROOT = C:\Go (should already exist from Go installation)

Verify that you have the appropriate executables on your PATH (I think this can be the user PATH. Shouldn't have to be a System PATH - and you don't need Python for some of the npm packages - you can ignore those errors. Remember, we're not actually running Node on production, it's just helping us develop and package our app via Grunt and Bower):

C:\Users\ivan_portugal\AppData\Roaming\npm;C:\Python34;C:\Program Files\nodejs\;C:\Go\bin;C:\Program Files\Git\cmd


grunt server


Random stuff that has helped me build this project with ease:

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