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Diwata is a database interface for PostgreSQL,Mysql, Sqlite with the goal of being usable, user-friendly with its basic and advanced functionality be discoverable by the user.

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sakila database in heroku

Quick local demo setup using sqlite sakila.db

Use the nightly compiler.

git clone
cd diwata
git submodule update --init --recursive
open http://localhost:9000


  • Automatic display of direct and indirect linked record
  • Freeze column and freeze rows
  • Infinite scrolling / loading of page on scrolling
  • User friendly granular search and filter
  • Diplay descriptive referred records. (ie: Instead of displaying the foreign_key value integer or uuid, display the referred records in such a way it is distinguisable by the user)
  • Well integrated with the browsers, clickable tables, records and tabs can be openned in a new window and displays the data as though clicking on it.

Roadmap checklist:

  • Basic data display
  • Infinite load-on-deman scrolling
  • Meaningful dropdown lookup
  • Seamless url-based navigation
  • Delete records
  • Update records
  • Insert records
  • Detail record update/insert, delete link detail records [ ] Filtering and searching on has_many and indirect records for detailed record
  • Undo update/delete records (upon deletion/modification, user have a grace period to undo the changes)
  • Search and filter data
  • Drag/Rearrange and resize columns
  • Multi column sorting
  • Smart delete cascade messages
  • Error Handling/Error messages display
  • Advanced filtering, where user can type in the logic for filtering
  • Display of images and file attachments
  • Interactive/dynamic record count indicator for toolbar buttons
  • Loading indicators
  • Page transition animation
  • Search/filter on tables
  • Table/Columns filtering based on privilege system.
    • Display only tables that the user has privilege
    • Display only columns that the user has privilege
    • An interface for superusers to set user privileges for each tables
  • Row level security
    • When the server is configured to require user login, the user will be forced to login
  • Plugin and module system
  • Custom validation on field
  • Custom buttons for application specific functionality


[1]: You can use sakila database dump as demo database


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