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  • Add macro based syntax to provide a cleaner syntax in writing the view:

    Old syntax:

    fn view(&self) -> Node<Msg> {
            vec![class("some-class"), id("some-id"), attr("data-id", 1)],
                        value("Click me!"),
                        onclick(|_| {
                            trace!("Button is clicked");
                text(format!("Clicked: {}", self.click_count)),

    New syntax:

    fn view(&self) -> Node<Msg> {
            [class("some-class"), id("some-id"), attr("data-id", 1)],
                        value("Click me!"),
                        onclick(|_| {
                            trace!("Button is clicked");
                text!("Clicked: {}", self.click_count),
  • Move DomEvent in dom module

  • nicer name for dumb_patch -> apply_dumb_patch

  • Refactor dom_updater and created_node out of the dom module

  • Add macro syntax, which provides a cleaner code by eliminating the vec![] syntax on the components view functions

  • Enable github actions

  • Reorganize dom specific module to get rid of multiple cfg feature code in the library

  • Reorganize html::tags and svg::tags

  • Remove the html_array syntax

  • Fix unused warning errors when no feature is enabled

  • Use the proper logging by using log and console_log crate

  • Completely remove the with-serde feature

  • Add feature gate 'with-dom' for browser specific functionality, such that sauron can be efficiently used for server-side rendering

  • Constraint the generic Type: F to be 'static in Callback, instead of the return generic type

  • Fix attributes helper functions: (styles, styles_flag, classes, classes_flag, attrs_flag) should not require MSG to be clone


  • attributes helper functions such as (styles, classes, etc) should not require MSG to be Clone.


  • Add underscores on html tags and attribtues(type,for, async, loop) that are also special keywords in rust. Now, you can use type_("text") as an alternative to r#type("text")
  • rename as_element -> as_element_mut, children -> add_children
  • Add dumb_patch for patching the dom without involving the callbacks.
  • Expose to html::tag module for the uncommon html tags which conflicts with common html attributes such as style, title.


  • implemented removing the associated closures of elements that has been removed from the DOM including the removed element descendants.


  • performance improvement on node tree building
  • using vec![] as the argumemts for attributes and children, this changes the syntax a lot
    • The original array based syntax is still preserved by using the html_array module. This however has performance penalty
  • events and attributes are now unified in one field: attrs
  • map function mapping Msg from in between component is now map_msg to avoid confusion with the rust std common maps such
  • add units utility functions
  • Remove requirement for Msg to have any Clone,Debug,PartialEq


  • Add initial implementation for markdown handling
  • Add history function get history object
  • events now prevents defaults and stop propagation


  • Added an initial implementation for Http for fetching data which returns a Cmd
  • Added Examples usage of Http fetch
  • Added Browser for listening to browser resize event which returns a Cmd
  • Added Cmd module for abstracting calls such as Http requests
  • Added an optional init function in Component which allows apps execute Cmd Task such as fetching data at the start of the app
  • Change the update method in Component to return Cmd<Self,Msg> in update method


  • Refactor sauron_vdom::Event to cater general usecase for mouse, keyboard and input event
  • Events such as onclick, onkeypress, and oninput are now supplied with: MouseEvent, KeyEvent, and InputEvent accordingly, therefore no additional matching/unwrapping code is neccessary on the users code. Before:
       onclick(|event: Event| {
            if let Event::MouseEvent(mouse) = event{
                sauron::log!("clicked at ({},{})", mouse.x(), mouse.y())
                panic!("This should not happen")
        onclick(|mouse: MouseEvent| {
            sauron::log!("clicked at ({},{})", mouse.x(), mouse.y())
  • Move to svg_extra the following tags and attributes: style, width, height, id, font_size, font_family, since these conflicts with the commonly used tags and attributes in html. Attributes that are defined in html attributes could also be used in svg attributes. What's not possible is using tags declared in html module in svg elements, since svg elements needs to be created with svg namespace in the DOM.


  • Use &'static str type for Node's attribute name, event name and namespace.
  • Add helper function styles which allows users to write style properties easily.
  • Add helper function styles_flag which allows users to write even more granular style properties.
  • Elements attributes are now appended to the existing attributes ones, this is needed when there is multiple calls assigning on the same attributes on the same element
  • Put back Callback<Event,MSG> as the value of
  • Add map functionality which lets user embed subcomponents view into the parent component by mapping the callbacks with a wrapped MSG variant from the parent.


  • Added the complete list of svg/html attributes.
  • Separate the uncommon html tags into html_extract module. These includes style, which conflicts with the commonly used style attributes.
  • Separate the uncommon attributes such as span, label which conflicts with the commonly used span and label html tags.
  • Use snake_case for non-ident tags and attributes.
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