Boilerplate application for spring and spring security
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Boilerplate application for spring and spring security.

This boilerplate application is designed for people new to web development in Java, maven and spring. Idea is to provide them with the application that is all set up so they can get right to coding.

You can simply download this application to your computer, import it into you favorite IDE, build it and deploy it. It will run with basic functionality.

Application has spring, spring security and logging already setup. You are provided with main controller and service which you can remove, an index page, login page, logout page and several error pages.

It should be relatively simple to extend it further.

Application also comes with a simple docker setup should you choose to run it inside docker container.

Users set in application are: demouser/demopass userdemo/passdemo

You can read a short explanation of the application on my blog: