TFS extension for Visual Studio Code.
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TFS extension for Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code Team Foundation Server integration

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Important !

You MUST have a Visual Studio with Team Foundation Server features to be able to use this extension.

I used TFS because my last company did but I don't use it anymore. So I, and most of this extension users, would be really happy to find some people able to contribute to this extension (and its tfs dependency) ⭐️
Contact me if you're willing to help at 📫


  1. Open up VS Code
  2. Type F1
  3. Type ext in command palette.
  4. Select Extensions: Install Extension and hit ENTER
  5. Type tfs
  6. Select TFS extension and hit ENTER


Hit Alt + T to list available commands for the current edited file.


  • Automatic Checkout (for Edit) when a file is modified.

List of available commands

  • Add
  • Checkin
  • Get (entire workspace)
  • Status (Pending Changes)
  • Undo


Please report any issue or comment here.


To be able to contribute to TFS development, you need to be at ease with NodeJS language and Git usage.

git clone
cd vscode-tfs
npm install
npm install grunt-cli -g
grunt githooks

The last command create a pre-commit hook to ensure that you don't commit anything if tests fail.


  1. Checkin multiple files
  2. File name in status bar message (when suitable)
  3. Exclude command