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LibreHealth Radiology Open Web App

This is the new UI for LibreHealth Radiology Module. It's an open web app.



To make use of this code you need the following setup


  • You need to have a server running LibreHealth Toolkit at least version 2.0 with

    • OpenMRS Open Web Apps Module
    • OpenMRS REST Module
    • Latest Radiology Module

    You can get the OpenMRS modules from the OpenMRS Modules Repository. The latest version of these modules should work fine.

    The radiology module has not had any release so you'd have to build the the development version. See LibreHealth Radiology Wiki


  • This project uses Angular CLI which has dependencies on Node 6.9.0 or higher, together with NPM 3 or higher. See their respective docs on how to install them.

  • Install Angular CLI

    npm install -g @angular/cli

Get the code

git clone

Install dependencies

cd lh-radiology-owa

npm install


To build your app run

ng build

NOTE ng NOT npm. You install dependencies using npm but to build you have to use the Angular CLI command ng build

Package App

The Open Web Apps Module expects a .zip file with all the resources needed for the app and a manifest.webapp configuration file at the root of the zip file. When you did ng build a /dist folder was created at the root of the project, that is


All you need do is package this dist folder as a .zip file and upload it to your Toolkit server.


cd dist

jar -cf .

That generates a file inside your lh-radiology-owa/dist folder.

Deploy App

To deploy your app, make sure you have a server running with the requirements stated above.

Go to Administration section and unver Open Web Apps Module click Manage Apps and you'll see a section to upload select and upload an app.


Click browse and select then click upload.

If your app is uploaded successfully you'll see an entry for it under the uploaded apps

LibreHealth Radiology App

Click on your app to use it

Radiology Dashboard


Coming soon...