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a Pelican theme with Bulma (CSS Framework)
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ivanhercaz 🐛 Change SITEURL by main_siteurl (fix #29)
This commit change the variable SITEURL in the links to the assets in the head of base.html (<link rel>) by mail_siteurl because if in a multilingual website is used SITEURL, this one change for each language, so it is necessary a variable that doesn't change across the language options. See #29 for more information about it.
Latest commit 8f77ca5 Jan 16, 2020

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Buruma is a Pelican theme built with the CSS framework Bulma.

The current version is the 0.2.1.

If you want to use Buruma, I recommend you to read the available quickstart in the documentation website, because it might help you to decide if Buruma is fine for you at this moment.


It is available in the documentation website. If you want to test Buruma, you may be interested in the quickstart. There is a page dedicated to Buruma settings.

If you note a lack in the documentation, please feel free to open an issue!.

Demo website

You can check Buruma in its demo website. It is deployed on Netlify and it always use the last stable release (not alpha nor beta).

If you want to check a website using Buruma updated to the master branch of this repository, you can check the documentation.


The contributing guidelines are not written yet, but if you want to contribute to Buruma in any way, do it! Your contributions will be very welcome!


Buruma is possible thanks to Jeremy Thomas, creator of Bulma, released under the MIT license. Of course, Buruma exists because Pelican exists! An awesome and easy to use static site generator.


Buruma is under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. Should Buruma be under another license? If you think that, feel free to open an issue to discuss it!

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