Commits on May 14, 2013
  1. @dgrunwald
Commits on May 11, 2013
  1. @siegfriedpammer

    fix #371 - BAML decompiler throws NullReferenceExceptions: if this ca…

    …use occurs it should throw a better exception than just NRE
    siegfriedpammer committed May 11, 2013
  2. @siegfriedpammer

    fix #367 - VB output issues

    siegfriedpammer committed May 11, 2013
  3. @siegfriedpammer
  4. @siegfriedpammer

    Merge pull request #402 from vwoodzell/master

    Fix baml property formatting bug
    siegfriedpammer committed May 11, 2013
  5. @vwoodzell
  6. @vwoodzell
Commits on May 10, 2013
  1. @dgrunwald
Commits on May 9, 2013
  1. @siegfriedpammer
  2. @siegfriedpammer
  3. @dgrunwald

    Merge pull request #398 from RKlier/CtorJumps

    Fix #220: Link constructor calls to constructor rather than type + add link for constructor calls to this() and base()
    dgrunwald committed May 9, 2013
  4. @dgrunwald

    Merge pull request #384 from RKlier/multiicon

    Support for multi image icons
    dgrunwald committed May 9, 2013
  5. @dgrunwald

    Sort references.

    dgrunwald committed Jan 27, 2013
  6. @dgrunwald
Commits on May 8, 2013
  1. @vwoodzell
  2. @vwoodzell
Commits on Apr 30, 2013
  1. @vwoodzell
Commits on Apr 9, 2013
  1. @RKlier
Commits on Apr 5, 2013
  1. @RKlier

    Fix #220: Link constructor calls to constructor rather than type + ad…

    …d link for base constructor calls
    RKlier committed Apr 5, 2013
Commits on Feb 6, 2013
  1. @RKlier
Commits on Nov 1, 2012
  1. @siegfriedpammer

    fix #366

    siegfriedpammer committed Nov 1, 2012
Commits on Sep 29, 2012
  1. @dgrunwald
Commits on Sep 13, 2012
  1. @dgrunwald
Commits on Sep 6, 2012
  1. @dgrunwald
Commits on Aug 23, 2012
  1. @dgrunwald
  2. @dgrunwald

    Squashed 'NRefactory/' changes from 180a690..e2eef88

    e2eef88 Add 'HasBody' property to IMethod. Closes #100.
    2ed6497 Merge pull request #101 from mono-soc-2012/mansheng
    aedf4e2 [CodeActions] ConvertImplicitToExplicitImplementationAction: removed a redundant test
    1d3c30b Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    612ab59 Merge pull request #99 from mono-soc-2012/simonl
    2a45c1e Merge branch 'master' into simonl
    aa55c20 Add AbstractUnresolvedEntity.Clone() method.
    e975667 [Formatting] Fixed wrong default option.
    4945fa5 [CodeIssues] MultipleEnumerationIssue: added documentation
    dc7fa56 [CodeIssue] RedundantAssignmentIssue: fixed a bug in issue finding
    b7f6501 [CodeIssues] Improve ParameterCanBeDemotedIssue.
    408b298 [TypeSystem] Don't consider non-public members for interface implementors.
    79b4c25 [CodeIssues] ParameterCanBeDemotedIssue: Add Criterions for suitable indexer members and for array types. Also start resolving the method with the new type to check for errors.
    458bd90 [CodeIssues] Add incomplete dependency tracking to VariableDeclaredInWideScopeIssue.
    a27b051 [CodeIssues] ConstantConditionIssue: check if condition is compile time constant to avoid fake warnings
    352dcce [CodeIssues] CompareBooleanWithTrueOrFalseIssue: check if the expression being compared is of boolean type
    588b127 [CodeIssues] MethodNeverReturnsIssue: handle 'throw' case
    71e42df [CodeActions] Moved GetDefaultValueExpression back to CreateOverloadWithoutParameterAction class
    6f063c6 [CodeIssues] RedundantFieldInitializerIssue: handle some number type initializer cases
    c403f38 Move the fix for #94 into CSharpConversions.IsConstraintConvertible.
    40bbafd Set NET_4_0 preprocessor symbol for mcs. Rename "NET45" to "NET_4_5" to be consistent with mcs and Mono.Cecil.
    284a4cc Fix InvalidCastException in MemberLookup.RemoveInterfaceMembersHiddenByClassMembers
    8ede23f Merge pull request #94 from erik-kallen/InvokeGenericMethodWithNullableTypeArgument
    eb4de73 Merge pull request #93 from erik-kallen/DuplicateUsingsIssue
    740a30c [Completion] CreateNamespace completion data now takes a INamespace instead of a string.
    f3ae264 [Demo] Reverted an unnecessary change
    f5c370a [CodeIssues] MethodOverloadHidesOptionalParameterIssue: fixed namespace
    8d77f4b [CodeIssues] Removed some unused usings
    f1dad51 [CodeActions] CreateCustomEventImplementationAction: removed TODO which is already done.
    11b9fd1 [CodeActions]ConvertLambdaBodyExpressionToStatementAction: removed unused usings
    c461c7b [CodeActions] ConvertConditionalToIfAction: check context location
    0140f2d [CodeActions] ConvertCastToAsAction: fixed tests
    90356ad [CodeActions] ConvertCastToAsAction: check context location. Reorganized code.
    f2b8be7 [CodeAction] ConvertAsToCastAction: check context location
    9c521f8 Fixed issue with nullable types not being usable as generic arguments.
    a00495c Test that demonstrates that a generic method cannot be invoked with a nullable type argument.
    a9e0bd9 [CodeIssues] IncorrectCallTogetHashCodeIssue: Only look at calls to members of 'base' or 'this'.
    5b29f2b Fixed issue with duplicate using directives.
    d857a8b Test demonstrating issue with duplicate using directive.
    821e157 [CodeIssues] VariableDeclaredInWideScopeIssue: Handle nested scopes that are not BlockStatements and don't suggest moving declarations into closures
    713b88f [CodeIssues] Don't consider empty catches redundant.
    611cc25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    c63f65a [CodeIssue] Added MethodOverloadHidesOptionalParameterIssue
    810c03a NRefactory 5.2.0 release
    76670db [CodeActions] Add ConvertLambdaToAnonymousDelegateAction.
    1797fa2 [CodeActions] Add convertAnonymousDelegateToLambdaAction.
    0b56b42 Remove redundant call to ValidateMethodConstraints(). Fix demo application.
    eeb5c3f Added unit test to check completion in #if regions.
    d2038a4 [Completion] Added conditional symbols to the completion engine context.
    ddd341b [CodeActions] Fixed bug in create backing store.
    19815e8 Merge branch 'master' into simonl
    352b20c [CodeIssue] Added RedundantObjectCreationArgumentListIssue
    9a8d671 [CodeIssue] RedundantObjectOrCollectionInitializerIssue: added some tests
    c0870db [CodeIssue] Added RedundantObjectOrCollectionInitializerIssue
    4af1379 [CodeIssue] Added RedundantCaseLabelIssue
    b5bd89b [Refactoring] track renaming of ParsedFile to UnresolvedFile
    7a2d9f8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    c3a31c9 Fix #92: The resolver does not check type constraints on calls to generic methods
    1f6c4f0 Update solution-loading logic in ConsistencyCheck.
    2c24a05 Merge branch 'master' into simonl
    86e4d9a [CodeIssue] Added CastExpressionOfIncompatibleTypeIssue
    16aa0c6 Rename IParsedFile -> IUnresolvedFile to make clear it belongs to the unresolved type system.
    4a6a43d Change output path - build everything into \bin\Debug in NRefactory directory (not into ICSharpCode.NRefactory subdirectory).
    7a3b25b Add WriteTextTo() method to ITextSource.
    9a9485a Add ProjectReference class to NRefactory to simplify creating the type system for a solution with multiple projects.
    5241e34 Merge pull request #91 from mono-soc-2012/simonl-attributesection-fix
    ea49b1a [CodeIssues] Add StaticFieldInGenericTypeIssue.
    7c19dfa [Parser] Set locations of AttributeSections correctly.
    4424f0e [Parser] Add failing unit tests for AttributeSections with multiple attributes.
    e5f5d6c [CodeIssues] Add ThreadStaticOnInstanceFieldsIssue.
    fec84f8 Implemented missing operation on new SeekableStreamReader
    699d841 Merge pull request #90 from erik-kallen/FixOrderByParsing
    7794385 Enabled query expander tests now that multiple orderings are supported.
    32d43b2 Fixed query orderings when ordering by more than one expression.
    cdfde8b [CodeActions] Greatly improved OptionalParameterCouldBeSkippedIssue.
    8635a6f Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    d9dbd25 [CodeIssue] Added RedundantArrayInitializerCommaIssue
    62a8b20 Fix icsharpcode/NRefactory#89: explicit conversion of array to generic IList fails when array covariance is used.
    82ab94f [CodeIssues] OptionalParameterCouldBeSkippedIssue: Check for unmappable arguments.
    d69abea [CodeActions] Handle resolution errors in IterateViaForeachAction.
    1371e6d [CodeIssues] Fix bugs in RedundantCatchIssue.
    d6054d1 [CodeIssues] Add ExceptionRethrowIssue
    78cf6b1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    e97b6b2 [Parser] Fixed some optional comma bugs.
    ff4b265 [CodeIssue] Added MethodNeverReturnsIssue
    087aee7 Simplify parser API.
    83776a1 [CodeIssue] Added RedundantAttributeParenthesesIssue
    34932ef [Parser] Hacked work around for parser error.
    29c686a [CodeIssue] Added DoubleNegationIssue
    f81ecd7 [Parser] Implemented own seekable stream reader.
    102ce25 Merge pull request #87 from erik-kallen/DynamicExpressionsUseNamedArgumentResolveResult
    927f263 Merge pull request #85 from erik-kallen/QueryExpressionExpander
    26409db Implemented explicit conversions - invalid casts now resolve to Conversion.None.
    73b80fc [CodeIssues] CallToObjectViaBaseIssue: Ignore calls which do not target members of 'base'.
    eaba979 Rename 'cu' to 'syntaxTree'.
    979fa91 Fix icsharpcode/NRefactory#88: implicit conversion between type parameters.
    7038892 Ensure that named argument instances are unique for dynamic invocations.
    273178a Rename CompilationUnit to SyntaxTree.
    93940f8 [CodeIssue] RedundantToStringIssue: Don't crash on parameter with declaration-less types.
    7375967 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    0af0137 Use NamedArgumentResolveResult for dynamic invocations.
    7ece3ce Statements ending in select (i) now acts as if the statement was not parenthesized.
    9a53205 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into simonl
    17cdd1f [CodeAction] Add ConvertInitializerToExplicitInitializationsAction.
    35475a2 [Refactoring] Make NamingHelper less horrible and remove the helper from RefactoringContext.
    cc37a71 TypeSystemAstBuilder: do not specify accessibility on accessors unless necessary.
    4717de9 Optimized the AstNode.Descendants property.
    07fb368 Add visitor benchmark.
    359fdd2 Provide both Enter and Leave events in ObservableAstVisitor.
    d4372bf Add DefaultAttribute.
    fb44364 Remove outdated code contracts.
    d6b4420 Introduced NamedArgumentResolveResult.
    6bd0bfc Add failing unit test for CompilationUnit.ConditionalSymbols.
    8728c08 Add project configurations for .NET 4.5.
    3f782ce Add ITypeDefinition.GetInterfaceImplementation().
    0f82920 GenerateProperty: do not propose to generate a setter if the field is readonly.
    f4e5cbd Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    574b3d2 [CodeIssue] CompareFloatWithEqualityOperator: handle a failed test case
    0ee9c33 [CodeIssue] Added ReferenceEqualsCalledWithValueTypeIssue
    10fc738 [CodeIssue] Added ExpressionIsNeverOfProvidedTypeIssue
    0ba24d9 [CodeIssue] Added ExpressionIsAlwaysOfProvidedTypeIssue
    60607bc Fix icsharpcode/NRefactory#86: method declaration with attributes fails to resolve since 2926e24.
    7d5f1e0 Make CecilResolvedAttribute.DecodeBlob() more robust.
    522d6c6 [CodeActions] Fix bugs in ConvertToInitializer.
    88d89e7 [CodeActions] ConvertToInitializer: Handle collections with Add() calls taking multiple arguments.
    903e46d [CodeActions] Cleanups in StatementsToInitializerConverter.
    2426d1e Rename method ExpandQueryExpression to ExpandQueryExpressions.
    e384bfb [CodeActons] Handle more edge cases in ConvertToInitializer.
    0deb852 Report parameter instead of its name token in the result map, unpack parenthesized expressions.
    4dbac01 [CodeActions] Fix bugs in ConvertToInitializerAction.
    40b8ce5 [CodeIssues] Converted IgnoreConstructors to a property.
    0eaf61e [Completion] Fixed wrong delegate signature.
    99de4e1 Updated mcs.
    bf69983 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    384e0b6 [CodeIssue] CompareFloatWithEqualityOperatorIssue: fixed 'NaN' issue
    47f2531 [CodeIssue] ConstantConditionIssue: use a better title
    5c4a2da [CodeAction] NegateRelationalExpressionAction: fixed title
    f5d0318 [CodeAction] JoinStringAction: handle the case when left operand is a BinaryOperatorExpression
    b0f16b2 Test to ensure that range variables are not in scope for join equals expression, renamed method.
    40266d1 Inherit QueryExpressionExpander from DepthFirstAstVisitor.
    2926e24 C# type system convert visitor: do not include attributes in IEntity.Region
    e83d77a Ignore redundant 'this' in constructors.
    7db1cbe Merge NRefactory changes from SharpDevelop repository:
    cb034bd Implemented QueryExpressionExpander.
    b8b2c61 [CodeIssue] Added CompareBooleanWithTrueOrFalseIssue
    93fae44 [CodeAction] Added JoinDeclarationAndAssignmentAction
    580fa30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    f47fd76 [CodeIssues] RedundantToStringIssue: Also check formatting calls.
    23d282d [Completion] Only check browsable attribute inside the same assembly.
    a08bde6 Fixed tests.
    5418c1c [NRefactory] Removed Browsable Attribute from GetEditorBrowsableState - that attribute should not affect completion, only design time editors.
    6575de9 [Completion] Moved the browsable check helper methods to nrefactory. The browsable state is a .NET feature and not C# specific.
    a747e47 [CodeIssues] Use IsKnownType in more places.
    8dc6911 [Completion] Generalized browsable state method.
    bea810b [Completion] Recognized browsable attributes / streamlined completion API a bit.
    c60e01e [Completion] Show synthetic members again.
    56114fe Simplify ImplementInterfaceAction by using the TypeSystemAstBuilder.
    264c4c1 [CodeIssues] Use IsKnownType to check for System.Object.
    b0e12f0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    3ef7fd7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into simonl
    b14db35 [CodeIssue] CompareFloatWithEqualityOperatorIssue: handle double.NaN case
    3be1ef1 [CodeIssue] NegativeRelationalExpressionIssue: no longer report issues for floating-point operations
    dbdb7c7 [CodeIssues] Handle non-object base classes in IncorrentCallTogetHashCodeIssue and CallToObjectEqualsViaBaseIssue.
    80d02a5 [CodeIssues] RedundantTypeCastIssue: use .Equals() for comparing types
    519dc12 Add IsKnownType() extension method.
    58fea52 [Completion] Added more synthetic member checks/added forgotton accessible check for nested types.
    40ba86a [Completion] Added some synthetic member checks.
    c954742 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into simonl
    ecf167d [CodeIssues] Add IncorrectCalltoGetHashCodeIssue.
    f7a0fb5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    0cf2d39 [CodeIssue] Renamed DoubleNegationExpressionIssue to NegativeRelationalExpressionIssue
    5307b16 [CodeAction] Added JoinStringAction
    783a79c [CodeIssues] Add CallToObjectEqualsViaBaseIssue.
    444ecf7 [CodeIssues] Add RedundantToStringIssue.
    a3534f2 Add INamespace.ContributingAssemblies.
    144ddcd [CodeIssue] Added DoubleNegationExpressionIssue
    c71b3fa [CodeAction] NegateRelationalExpressionAction: improved tests
    c9612ed [CodeAction] NegateRelationalExpressionAction: use CSharpUtil.NegateRelationalOperator
    0b81174 [Ast] CSharpUtil: extract negating a relational operator into a method
    8b026d4 Script.Link() dummy implementation: return a completed task instead of null.
    fa9d5ac [CodeAction] Added NegateRelationalExpressionAction
    79ae62a Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    bfe463b NRefactory 5.1.0
    4513b6e Avoid NullReferenceExceptions now that MethodGroupResolveResult.TargetResult can be null.
    41b7775 Merge pull request #80 from erik-kallen/DynamicImprovementsNewTry
    3ddf30c Fix icsharpcode/NRefactory#71: entity type for indexers (explicit interface implementations)
    acb1218 Test demonstrating issue with EntityType for indexers that explicitly implement interface members.
    65097ed Add unit test for named attribute argument.
    dfbca85 Add (failing) unit test for icsharpcode/NRefactory#56.
    a15921d Merge pull request #81 from erik-kallen/IsConstantExpressionConversion
    f3d13ee Added property Conversion.IsConstantExpressionConversion
    916cc2a Fixed issues pointed out by Daniel.
    6192d7a Documentation for MethodListWithDeclaringType
    d7ebf92 Add (failing) unit tests for icsharpcode/NRefactory#45
    9e84873 Change "string[] Conditionals" to "IList<string> ConditionalSymbols"
    ecd3de7 Implementation of feature
    ce5a42c Tests for the improved dynamic handling.
    13dce76 Add Conversion.IsNullLiteralConversion (icsharpcode/NRefactory#59)
    ea5e36c Fix icsharpcode/NRefactory#60: Implicit type parameter conversion
    b656371 Implemented C# cref parser.
    90c1b11 [CodeIssue] ConstantConditionIssue: use 'true'/'false' instead of 'True'/'False' in title
    6c33cf8 [CodeIssue] IdenticalConditionalBranchIssue: use a better title
    dab4b01 [CodeIssue] AssignmentMadeToSameVariableIssue: use a better title
    3d74abb Use directly specific corlib implementation for GetAllBaseTypesTest so that the tests don't fail if interfaces are added to .NET BCL types.
    9640abd Add (failing) unit test for icsharpcode/NRefactory#73.
    0e7fe7a Merge pull request #77 from erik-kallen/MembersInDerivedInterfacesShouldNotImplementBaseMembers
    93e2def Fix #75: conversion between delegate types
    32ee4d4 Fix icsharpcode/NRefactory#76: definite assignment analysis ignores false part of conditional expressions.
    dd07a77 CSharpParser: when parsing part of a compilation unit, detach the resulting nodes from the dummy compilation.
    ad46ffd Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    209d3f0 [CodeIssue] Added RedundantTypeCastIssue
    e71a8fd Fixed conditional symbol bug.
    d1f0807 Use location from Cecil instead of providing it as an extra parameter to LoadAssembly().
    5a1f7d7 Fixed issues with CecilLoader.LazyLoad=true.
    ed0e4c5 Fixed conversions from "dynamic" - these only exist from expressions, not from the type (this was causing subtle issues with type inference).
    8090455 [Parser] Added conditional symbols to the compilation unit.
    5f60958 [TypeSystem] Cecil loader can now take the loaded assembly location.
    14addf4 [TypeSystem] Added SetLocation to IProjectContent.
    be9a3ed [Completion] Fixed get extension method call in parameter completion.
    c032382 [TypeSystem] Added location property to IAssembly.
    1146033 Fixed get extension method call.
    1d499ae [CodeIssues] Remove unused field.
    58d7ac0 Improved ToString() for methods.
    5592e88 Fixed bug when passing an extension method as a method group to a generic function.
    cc35fcc Revert f01a4b2 and 58c4ec8. Fixed small issue in CSharpResolver.GetExtensionMethods: when type parameters are provided explicitly, use the specialized method for the eligibility check.
    0a7fdcd [CodeCompletion] No longer show static enum members on enum types (even if the call is theoretical valid).
    247d588 [CodeIssues] Fix some false suggestions in VariableDeclaredInWideScopeIssue.
    c2b1946 [CodeIssue]RedundantElseIssue: changed Severity to Warning
    54fbfc8 [CodeIssue] Added ConstantConditionIssue
    092a18f [CodeIssues] Check redundant optional arguments of constructors.
    342c87a [Utils] Don't allow escape sequences in numeric fields of format items.
    1e561dd [CodeIssues] Be more allowing when picking format string arguments in FormatStringIssue.
    58c4ec8 [Resolver] Fixed type inference use case. Daniel: The fix may not be correct - it's hard to tell which side effects that change will cause.
    c7de3da [CodeAction] Fixed getter/setters of the implemented interface/abstract class properties & indexers.
    4f70f16 [CodeActions] Implemented abstract members action/Improved implement interface action & fixed unit tests.
    2154c15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    4acb9b8 [Resolver] Don't check the location of value parameters in accessors. (Revert remaining parts of revision e60567ab869d59e74397c34cd994b2c732c615f4)
    ebfd941 [CodeIssues] Fix ValueParameterUnusedIssue.
    b375e1f [CodeIssues] Add RedundantCatchIssue.
    77fd14e [CodeIssue] Added IdenticalConditionalBranchIssue
    1863ed6 [CodeAction] Implement interface now tends to implement the more specialized members non explicit.
    fea0060 [CodeIssue] Added AssignmentMadeToSameVariableIssue
    286091b [CodeActions] Finished first implement interface implementation.
    cbf1bdf Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    a4344c8 Checked for possible null refrence exception.
    461d5da [Completion] Fixed completion bug.
    d4209d0 [CodeAction] Fixed extract method unit test.
    4a5d1e8 [CodeAction] Fixed most extract method tests.
    61faaca [CodeIssue] RedundantAssignmentIssue: fixed incorrect text marking
    f9aa82c Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    63a8ca1 [CodeIssue] Added RedundantAssignmentIssue
    e6abbcb [CodeIssue] Added MultipleEnumerationIssue
    c37d18a [CodeIssue] ParameterNotUsedIssue: only check parameters of methods
    21a87ec [CodeIssue] VariableOnlyAssignedIssue: out argument should be considered as assignment
    2c98a2c [Completion] Filter out System.Void type
    3963b40 Fix
    0bc0d09 Failing test.
    cf69275 [Completion] Fix enum method list.
    f01a4b2 [Resolver] Interfere extension method type arguments from the target type if no parameter is given.
    62283e2 [TypeSystem] Made error message more verbose.
    68aa35a [Ast] Added MemberNameToken property for pointer reference expressions.
    53d9b6e [CodeIssues] Fix some false positives in ParameterCanBeDemotedIssue.
    dc1e33d [CodeIssue] ParameterHidesMemberIssue and LocalVariableHidesMemberIssue now distinguish static and non-static members
    35179fd [CodeIssues] Remove leftover Console.WriteLine().
    865c288 [CodeIssues] OptionalParameterCouldBeSkippedIssue: Add null check.
    3ae6b9f [CodeIssues] FormatStringIssue: Handle extra arguments that do not have a matching formal parameter.
    e5f346b [CodeIssues] Add OptionalParameterCouldBeSkippedIssue.
    3757871 [CodeIssues] FormatStringIssue: Show errors in TextSegments too.
    101294e [Utils] CompositeFormatStringParser: More error handling + refactoring of the code.
    927c388 [CodeIssue] Added UnreachableCodeIssue
    ef6302d [Utils] CompositeFormatStringParser: Handle unclosed format items better
    900aec2 [CodeIssues] Add FormatStringIssue.
    d2474e5 [Utils] Make CompositeFormatStringParser.Parse() wrap the segments in a class instead of just returning an IEnumerable.
    185779b [Utils] Add more error checks to CompositeFormatStringParser.
    af7d214 [Utils] Some CompositeFormatStringParser cleanups.
    7edf902 [Utils] More error handling in CompositeFormatStringParser.
    1b96e9b [Utils] Add lots of error checks to CompositeFormatStringParser.
    11c428e [Utils] Add CompositeFormatStringParser and related classes.
    23c7dc0 [Tests] Added helper methods for checking a specific fix to InspectionActionTestBase
    1133382 [CodeIssues] Add missing class IsTypeCriterion.
    2307bcb [CodeIssues] ParameterCanBeDemotedTests: Add checks for what types variables are used as.
    03ea217 [CodeIssues] Rename CallToStaticMemberViaDerivedTypeIssue to ReferenceToStaticMemberViaDerivedTypeIssue.
    a3e6c14 [CodeIssues] Handle members in CallToStaticMemberViaDerivedTypeIssue.
    a1cbcc2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    7a9fdf4 [CodeIssues] Make CallToVirtualFunctionFromConstructorIssue less whiny.
    1a7d2e1 [CodeIssues] CallToStaticMemberViaDerivedTypeIssue: Ignore member methods of the current class.
    6f2aed1 [CodeIssues] ParamaterCanBeDemotedIssue: Don't crash on parameters that aren't used.
    db8e971 [CodeAction] Add ContextAction attribute to MoveToOuterScopeAction.
    ce1e2ee [CodeIssues] Fix crashes in VariableDeclaredInWideScopeIssue.
    f33aa32 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into simonl
    008aaa1 [CodeIssues] Factor out some type restriction finding infrastructure.
    e62a046 Fixed resolving compile-time operations on enum types with an underlying type smaller than int. (always use unchecked context for the cast back to enum)
    459a2ef Fixed bug resolving indexer parameter declarations (was introduced with #66 [9476183]).
    807e9c5 Allow multiple occurrences of UnknownError.
    0aa37bc Add lazy-loading support to CecilLoader.
    164592f [CodeIssue] Added CompareFloatWithEqualityOperatorIssue
    aff3328 [CodeIssue] Added BitwiseOperationOnNonFlagsEnumIssue
    3372603 [CodeIssue] Added ForControlVariableNotModifiedIssue
    7f7fcec [CodeIssue] Added RedundantElseIssue
    5f6f274 Merge pull request #70 from erik-kallen/DynamicResolveResults
    a7816c2 Fixed handling of user-defined conversions between primitive types.
    8426277 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    fca3cfe [CodeIssue] Added RedundantFieldInitializerIssue
    5c1418e [CodeAction] Moved GetDefaultValueExpression to BaseRefactoringContext
    be0d89c [CodeIssues] Improve ParameterCouldBeDemotedIssue.
    61044a8 [CodeIssues] Add initial version of ParameterCanBeDemotedIssue.
    8a80ae0 [Completion] Added pointer reference completion.
    77c9ccb [CodeIssues] Rename VariableDeclaredInWideScopeIssue => VariableDeclaredInWideScopeTests in the test project.
    5720dc7 [CodeActions] MoveToOuterScopeAction: Handle lambdas.
    4bae4ed [CodeIssues] Add VariableDeclaredInWideScopeIssue.
    774c707 [CodeIssues] Change the namespace on IncorrectExceptionParameterOrderingIssue.
    ac2e8ef [CodeActions] Don't crash on null accessors in ValueParameterUnusedIssue.
    3ec073f [CodeActions] Add MoveToOuterScopeAction.
    2de5021 Fixed failing unit test.
    4a3192d [CodeIssues] Add CallToStaticMemberViaDerivedTypeIssue.
    9d5a384 [CodeActions] Add ConvertToInitializerAction.
    73530de [CodeIssue] Added VariableHidesMemberIssue
    c1db937 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    7354574 [CodeAction] ConvertIfToConditionalTests: fixed a test
    754adbc AccessToModifiedClosureIssue: always use "var" keyword to avoid some null type issues, fixed "fails for field declaration" issue.
    9d37b9a GatherVisitor: make sure base visit methods are always called
    549d6bb ExtractAnonymousMethodAction: Fixed "fails to insert generated method when anonymous method is not in a method" issue
    bd1f050 GatherVisitor: added calls to base methods
    0bf9891 ResolveResults for dynamic expressions
    cf08a17 AccessToClosureIssue: fixed some constructor issues
    77283dc Merge minor changes from SharpDevelop repository (mostly additional documentation for ResolveResults).
    2b41cda Simplify Demo app.
    4ff155e Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    5d2fee1 Add CompilerSettings class instead of using the one from Mono.CSharp.
    e7a902b Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    b37dedf [CodeIssue] Added LocalVariableOnlyAssignedIssue and ParameterOnlyAssignedIssue
    6ba62c6 [Formatting] Fixed override.
    3e2fe59 [CodeActions] Added Task async excecution for insertion & link modes.
    8e02a17 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    585ae50 CSharpAstResolver: don't return the same ResolveResult for two different nodes.
    08636db [Completion] Fixed named argument completion bug.
    fbc1cfd Fixed some failing unit tests.
    6e5b973 [ContextAction] Added null check to create method.
    1c0a730 [CodeIssue] TypeParameterNotUsedIssue: removed the fix because it may introduce errors.
    454bfe5 [CodeIssue] LocalVariableNotUsedIssue: Find unused foreach variable
    e2221f2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    ca048e6 [CodeIssue] Added VariableNotUsedIssue, ParameterNotUsedIssue and TypeParameterNotUsedIssue
    fadffd3 [Completion] Improved the closing tag insertion (xml documentation).
    3dc4463 [Resolver] Array initalizers no longer show up in ResolveAtLocation.
    84c092c Merge pull request #67 from erik-kallen/UserDefinedExplicitConversionBetweenReferenceTypes
    25cf612 Merge pull request #66 from erik-kallen/ParameterIdentity
    951d9a6 Fix for the issue that user-defined explicit conversions don't work.
    0fec8d3 Failing test that demonstrates that explicit user-defined conversions don't work.
    e058d61 [Completion] Improved xml document completion.
    95bc695 [Completion] Be more general when providing type level keywords in members.
    839b19e [TyeSystem] Fixed bug in nested type property.
    d8aac6d Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    4ac7fec [Refactoring] Don't suggest names that are used in a parent scope when falling back to numbered names.
    3ded985 [Formatting] Fixed overlapping changes issue.
    d355b0f [CodeIssues] Added indexer case.
    da2eea8 [CodeIssues] Improved naming check (skipp overriden members).
    4c87520 [CodeAction] Create field now works on member reference expressions with 'this.' target.
    9476183 Fix for the parameter identity in accessors issue.
    1363faf Tests demonstrating issues with parameter identity in accessors.
    806869e Add IType.GetAccessors(). Accessors now use EntityType.Accessor instead of EntityType.Method. Added accessors support to DefaultMemberReference and ExplicitInterfaceImplementationMemberReference. Removed hacky code from CecilLoader - we now allow IsExplicitInterfaceImplementation=true on accessors.
    13ca351 [CodeActions] Make IterateViaForeachAction use names based on their type and add handling of using and for statements.
    da5bbf3 [Refactoring, Competion] Add NamingHelper, use it from CSharpCompletionEngine and add convenience functions to RefactoringContext.
    98674db Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    99c34cb Merge pull request #65 from erik-kallen/ImplementedInterfaceMembersForPropertyAccessors
    728bf05 [CodeIssue] Added AccessToModifiedClosureIssue and AccessToDisposedClosureIssue
    2a7c0cb Merge pull request #64 from erik-kallen/IsOverrideFlag
    bf89323 Add missing fields in KnownTypeReference.
    cdaf575 Implement AnonymousType.ToTypeReference().
    74adaba Test demonstrating problem with nesting anonymous objects.
    c6d8b93 Move SimpleTypeResolveContext out of Implementation namespace.
    d46cbdb Don't report a member as implementing an interface member if there is another explicit implementation of that interface member.
    da0feac Another one of those x.IsOverride = y.IsOverridable issues.
    4813979 Support explicitly implemented events in the CecilLoader.
    8431aa0 Fixed bugs with events: 1) Assignment of IsOverride to IsOverridable, and 2) AccessorOwner not being set for auto-events.
    7640141 Added support for explicit method and property implementations to the cecil loader.
    18995bd Fixed InheritanceHelper to support explicit interface implementation of base accessors.
    4d868ba Failing test with explicit indexer implementation
    4bc84b0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    fd39748 (Rather ugly) fix for indexer accessor's ImplementedInterfaceMembers.
    7e2a5a3 Tests for ImplementedInterfaceMembers for indexer accessors.
    7ce5de3 (Rather ugly) fix ensure that accessor method are reported as implementing the corresponding accessor methods from interfaces.
    baad38a Tests demonstrating that the accessors for a property that implements an interface property do not have any ImplementedInterfaceMembers.
    7f6620e Merge branch 'master' into soc-master
    a2a0975 Fixes IsOverridable flag for accessors
    840cde9 Failing test for IsOverride flag of accessors.
    4d60290 [CodeAction] IterateViaForeachAction: Add tests for slightly invalid expression statements and use Script.InsertAfter() to avoid problematic formatting.
    97185cf [Refactoring] Add optional parameter expectErrors = false to ContextActonTestBase.Test().
    9b256fb [Completion] Only show public enum members.
    68e12e4 [Completion] Filtered double added enums.
    a4d5b7a [Refactoring] Add Script.InsertAfter().
    0c9704d [Parser] Give ExpressionStatements with an invalid expression a semicolon if there was one in the file.
    80c3b8d [Formatter] The formatting visitor can now take a region to format.
    b5b1bd1 [CodeActions] Ignore whitespace tests for now.
    c45b646 [CodeActions] Handle AssignmentExpressions differently in IterateViaForeachAction.
    a546a8f [CodeActions] Rename SetterDoesNotUseValueParameterAction to ValueParameterUnusedAction and generalize it to include event accessors as well.
    c8f36ae [CodeActions] Handle auto-setters and missing setters in SetterDoesNotUseValueParameterIssue.
    f562e97 Merge branch 'master' into soc-master
    f99663b [CodeActions] Add IterateViaForeachAction.
    1e63663 [CodeActions] Add failing unit tests for whitespace preservation in in AddCatchTypeAction and RemoveRedundantCatchTypeAction.
    eea162a [CodeIssues] Update some strings to be more inline with the rest of the issues (and more informative too).
    05f8cfe [CodeActions] Don't return a convert to extension method call code action if the call is already using extension method syntax.
    94e43f2 [CodeActions] Add the ContextAction attribute to the static method call <=> extension method call converters.
    bf6217d Improved CodeDomConvertVisitor.
    d6ed3b7 Fixed resolving accessors.
    cd9c948 Add ICollection, ICollection<T> and IList to KnownTypeReference.
    a9d8769 Implemented CSharpResolver.ResolveConditionFalse() for resolving operator false() calls. Add message to ErrorResolveResult. Expose CSharpOutputVisitor.PrintPrimitiveValue and CSharpConversions.IsImplicitReferenceConversion/IsBoxingConversion.
    a77fa31 Add IMethod.AccessorOwner.
    731ddf7 Add ConversionResolveResult.CheckForOverflow
    79f634c Change TextChangeEventArgs.InsertedText and RemovedText from string to ITextSource.
    c8f2115 [CodeAction] Added ExtractAnonymousMethodAction
    d1388d5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    b304675 Merge branch 'master' into soc-master
    00d5de8 [CodeIssues] Optimized word break algorithm.
    81c7daa [Completion] Renamed IMemberProvider -> ICompletionContextProvider.
    6cbda46 [Completion] It's no longer needed to specify a parsed file for the completion engine.
    33efe34 [Documentation] Added support for relative redirection targets.
    4ca0f1d [CodeAction] Add code actions for converting between static method calls and extension method calls.
    3597535 [CodeAction] Added ConvertConditionalToIfAction and ConvertIfToConditionalAction
    c9d2776 [Completion] Added GetMemberTextToCaret interface method.
    1a33039 [Completion] Use getstate to get the current resolver state.
    a8e702b [Completion] Lowered parsed file usages.
    39ac51c [Completion] Made API a bit simpler.
    d60aaeb [Completion] Member provider now needs to be given in the constructor.
    aa59c76 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    f198d68 [CodeAction] Fixed bug in create property action.
    4e44369 [CodeIssues] Fdg rules now apply only to public & protected entities. (The Fdg rules only apply to that, we were more restrictive).
    b0c73cc [CodeIssues] Fixed fdg naming rules.
    6c36d6e Merge pull request #58 from mono-soc-2012/simonl-newline-fix
    513ffec Merge pull request #51 from nieve/ExtractFieldAction
    eb41192 Fix unit test failing on .NET 4.5 RC.
    0500351 Simplify API for retrieving compiler errors/warnings.
    e914c9e [CodeIssue,CodeAction] Use the FindReferences class instead of custom visitors to find variable references.
    e60567a [Resolver] Give the value parameter a domregion close to the setter or adder.
    75f65da Fixed typo.
    ad0ef5d [CodeIssue] Remove stray exception creation.
    47da624 [CodeIssue] Add CallToVirtualFunctionFromConstructorIssue.
    8d46989 [Formatter] Avoid newlines between multiline arguments and the ending parenthesis in function calls.
    8e94126 [CodeIssue] Add IncorrectExceptionParameterOrderingIssue.
    2396e99 [CodeIssue] Add SetterDoesNotUseValueParameterIssue.
    b6203ac [CodeAction] Add AddCatchTypeAction.
    e2ff414 [Code Action] Only show MergeNestedIfAction on 'if' token
    712102c [Code Action] Only show ConvertSwitchToIfAction on 'switch' token
    4da8bc8 [Code Action] Only show ConvertIfToSwitchAction on 'if' token
    b8c6547 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    73a44b2 [NRefactory] Be more verbose on cecil load error.
    44eff13 Add RemoveRedundantCatchTypeAction.
    875d509 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    4bfa589 [CodeAction] Added ConvertLambdaBodyExpressionToStatementAction and ConvertLambdaBodyStatementToExpressionAction
    0f01589 [CodeAction] Added UseStringFormatAction
    7fb257f Fixed completion bug.
    5fe3dbd [UnitTest] Added test case for parser bug.
    d29d429 [CSharp] Updated mcs.
    f934c9a [CodeAction] ConvertExplicitToImplicitImplementation: make implicit implementation public
    bfa89c7 [CodeAction] Added ConvertExplicitToImplicitImplementationAction and ConvertImplicitToExplicitImplementationAction
    1066186 [CodeAction] Added PutInsideUsingAction
    d01ed9e Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    33cc204 [CodeAction] Added MergeNestedIfAction
    5bc69fd [CodeActions] Fixed remove braces whitespace removal.
    38c8028 [CodeAction] SplitDeclarationList: Corrected a test
    9c078eb Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    16a84b9 [CodeAction] Added SplitDeclarationListAction
    1911868 [NRefactory] Removed extra new line for fields.
    4433ab1 [Ast] Added IdentifierToken property to IdentifierExpression.
    88c1287 [CodeAction] Added CreateCustomEventImplementationAction
    fc6c24c [CodeAction] Added CreateOverloadWithoutParameterAction
    b5843ad [CodeAction] Added ConvertAsToCastAction and ConvertCastToAsAction
    5afae04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    2786d0c [Formatting] Set wrap options to do not change.
    a362d45 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mansheng
    5823267 [CodeAction]Added ConvertSwitchToIfAction
    c93ef39 [CodeAction]ConvertIfToSwitchAction: avoid generating redundant default section.
    d061eaa [CodeAction]Added ConvertIfToSwitchAction
    2e4a497 [Completion] Fixed GetLineIndent method.
    0cc7a4e [Completion] Fixed delegate context bug.
    1c0b3b5 [Completion] Filter inaccessible classes in completion lookup.
    7b21777 [Completion] Fixed 'this' keyword for extension method declarations.
    9e7c9be [Completion] Fixed enum completion bug.
    a1e4b07 [Completion] Fixed enum completion in binary operator expressions.
    5587b77 [Analysis] Fixed control flow generation for null embedded statement (for statement).
    7e3e016 Add back WinForms-based NRefactory.Demo.
    1640cb8 Set version number to 5.0.1; fixed some compiler warnings.
    cbb1fe5 Fixed some issues resolving members.
    c93aca4 Fixed failing unit test.
    180ed85 Implemented IUnresolvedMember.Resolve().
    4b3bb7e Fixed completion bug.
    e0e30ae [Completion] Improved object initializer case.
    a270f6a [Resolver] ResolveAtLocation can now postpone the creation of compilations.
    293af2e [Resolver] Fixed resolve at location bug.
    f197829 [Formatter] Fixed failing unit tests.
    4add679 [TypeSystem] Cecil loader no longer crashes loading gtk-sharp.dll on windows.
    282d3c3 Fix icsharpcode/NRefactory#32: ResolveResult for anonymous type creation
    4d07b33 CSharpAstResolver now can resolve type members even when no parsedFile is specified.
    3745ade Merge pull request #54 from Duikmeester/patch-1
    6f9065e "__StackĄlloc" corrected in "__StackAlloc"
    7d89302 [Tests] Added test case for a parser bug.
    ff1118a [Formatter] Fixed bug where keywords were put into comments.
    99b856a added extract field code action
    9b7c635 Merge pull request #50 from riviti/enh-genprop
    7a3e68f [TypeSystem] All attributes from partial method declarations are now merged.
    a300c56 GeneratePropertyAction: Handle fields named like properties by renaming them before creating the property.
    b9780fb [CodeAction] Fixed check if parameter is null bug.
    75c3a07 [Formatting] Fixed overlapping change bug.
    7a03092 [Completion] Fixed parameter completion for static methods.
    1852a3d [Refactoring] Fixed some bugs in create code actions in conjunction with enums.
    d888899 Solution: Set correct indent width.
    57d4bd4 [TypeSystem] UsingScope now uses as operator for casts.
    8305999 [TypeSystem] Added default parameter for GetClassTypeReference typeParameterCount.
    bb6660e [TypeSystem] Added TypeReference.Resolve (Compilation) extension method.
    8c8e6cf [Parser] Merged mcs.
    49e1b67 [Completion] GetParameterCompletionCommandOffset is now reusable/removed code duplication of GetCurrentParameterIndex.
    bcb45ff [Refactoring] Better use of the text editor options class in the script node output (output formatter should maybe use the formatting indent class).
    ad0ae7a [Completion] Improved handling of named parameters.
    8722483 [Formatting] Fixed using alias declarations.
    5a53174 [Formatting] Guard against empty changes.
    73396ed Improved named parameter completion case.
    cff1fb2 [Completion] Fixed member lookup.
    14ed907 [Formatting] Wrapping is now an intrusive task.
    570c4d8 Fixed bug in completion.
    8ff1e4c Fixed completion bug.
    1ade7c4 [Resolver] Fixed using statement.
    93f0d71 Fixed completion bug.
    bc77559 [Completion] Fixed catch context completion.
    8523068 [Completion] Fixed object initializer unit tests.
    c32e988 [Completion] Fixed unit test.
    4fe7c72 Fixed context for determining accessibility of protected inner classes when resolving a base type reference (NameLookupTests.InheritFromProtectedInnerClassTest)
    f7fb298 Implemented better solution for the array initializer workaround hack.
    121c786 Removed duplicate unit test.
    f5b7f57 [UnitTest] Added failing unit test.
    7bf1b4a Added some unit tests.
    d9113f3 [CodeAction] Fixed possible null reference.
    63009ac Fixed 'Bug 4604 - [Resolver] Attribute Properties are not offered valid autocomplete choices'.
    89be9aa [UnitTest] Enabled broken unit test.
    7a69c65 Fixed Issue #38: Parser Regression in ObjectCreate initialization
    6f1325d Fixed Issue #44: The ending TextLocation of an ArrayCreateExpression is incorrect when the array is initialized with zero elements
    6a45cef Updated mcs.
    ef726be [UnitTests] Disabled broken tests.
    a93372d Removed some files that shouldn't be in the repository
    cdd492e Merge pull request #36 from awatertree/master
    0179c76 Merge pull request #43 from turbanoff/patch-1
    c06cfed Fix icsharpcode/NRefactory#42: const IField returns IsStatic=false
    76e3cb4 Fixed output visitor inserting too many newlines in SwitchSection.
    1077aa9 Add .jay to symbol package.
    5239719 Fixed property formatting bug.
    24f1637 remove redundant check
    5b83b2d Only wrap arguments that are longer than 1.
    c4b9519 [CodeAction] Convert foreach to for now preserves old block.
    94a8fde Added unit test for Bug 4525 - Unexpected code completion exception
    56bfccb Fixed possible null ref exception
    cf9d360 [CodeActions] Worked on implement interface.
    0581a41 Ignored failing unit test.
    bfdaaad Fixed declaration parameter formatting bugs.
    6126d9b [Formatting] Fixed some formatting bugs.
    805e072 Started implement interface/abstract members code action.
    da56a5b Fixed completion bug.
    1a1487f [Formatting] Checked token for null, before using the parent.
    6d1e90b [Formatting] Added null check.
    2aec1be Improved the handling of delegate contexts.
    c773b58 Fixed formatting unit tests.
    2eb61ac Added failing unit test. I assume that the problem is that B has a inner lass B.Foo - sicne it works when Foobar inherits just from 'Foo'.
    e8a5226 Changed formatting policy.
    063d0f5 Renamed named expression identifier -> name.
    5dbe365 [Ast] Renamed named argument expression identifier -> name.
    98b2dfa Fixed unit tests.
    aa111ad Added completion categories for derived types.
    45c8d0e Fixed object creation completion issue.
    29ec90e changed method call wrap default.
    04127ad [Formatting] Improved the wrap if too long option.
    639f6b9 Updated formatting factory options.
    e308e3d Added more formatting styles.
    c2e912a [Completion] Fixed bug in pre processor directive context detection.
    c8f8dc7 [CodeIssue] removed '.' in name.
    c36be0b Fixed some add another accessor issues.
    1704bd0 [Formatting] Implemented parameter wrapping.
    95b0c25 [Formatting] New line placement is now a 3 state.
    ecbc616 Added unit test for bug report. (use case already works)
    198c085 Added some formatting options.
    a4064df Added indexer argument wrapping options.
    debc7a0 Added method call wrapping options.
    fa4f2e0 Added chained method call wrapping option.
    62f621e Merge branch 'master' of
    e912bdf Fixed possible cast exception.
    658cb4b patched up handling indexing issue
    aff71a5 try revert critical method
    9d29131 merge
    a34aaa8 project compilation
    18d7ca4 failing tests for issue 35
    c189c5d failing tests for issue 35
    3f465c6 failing tests for issue 35
    git-subtree-dir: NRefactory
    git-subtree-split: e2eef883e176bb5017a9fdfc7afe9113e7448c27
    dgrunwald committed Aug 23, 2012
Commits on Aug 22, 2012
  1. @dgrunwald
  2. @dgrunwald
  3. @dgrunwald

    Fix #357: Update to new Mono.Cecil version.

    New version: 9848dc65a5909a8722b807c1786dd8ec02750024 from threadsafe2 branch at jbevain/cecil.
    dgrunwald committed Aug 22, 2012
Commits on Jul 30, 2012
  1. @dgrunwald

    Create 256x256 version of the ILSpy icon; and remove the useless 128x…

    …128 version from ILSpy.ico (it wasn't getting used).
    Note that we are only using the small version as a window icon because WPF on Vista (without updated WIC) crashes when loading 256x256 icons.
    dgrunwald committed Jul 30, 2012
Commits on Jul 20, 2012
  1. @dgrunwald
Commits on Jun 16, 2012
  1. @dgrunwald

    Merge pull request #345 from RKlier/folding

    Adapt folding commands from SharpDevelop (Fix #336)
    dgrunwald committed Jun 16, 2012
  2. @dgrunwald
Commits on Jun 15, 2012
  1. @dgrunwald

    Merge pull request #344 from RKlier/contextmenu

    Don't add seperator after first context menu entry
    dgrunwald committed Jun 15, 2012
Commits on Jun 11, 2012
  1. @dgrunwald