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jitourl is Python URL shortifier app for hosting on Google Appengine

Current version: 0.2

Author: Ivan Jovanovic
Email: ivan.jovanovic@{,}

== Purpose

Simple easy starter application for Python and GAE. I made it for the purpose of learning Python and GAE and you
can probably find smarter ways to use parts or whole of it.

== Copyright

This software is not limited by any copyright except common sense to note the original author when reusing it in
any situation.

== Testing

JiToUrl uses GAEUnit testing framework version 1.2.8 , but doesn't distribute it within the source.
In order to run tests download GAEUnit from, copy file
to application root and visit http://localhost:8080/test, or adopt port number to your local machine settings,
app.yaml file already has configured handler for running tests from the test/ folder.

There are definitely better approaches to testing, and solutions for these approaches as well, but for the
purpose I need GAEUnit is enough. What is seen is that using other approaches is easily implementable as well.

== Version 0.2 features

Creating shortcut on user provided URL
Reusing already existing URL <-> Shortcode mapping
Creating custom shortcut on user provided custom alias
Checking for existing rev="canonical" link provided by owner of the URL to be shortened
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