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An adaptive Gtk+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines
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Builds of adapta-gtk-theme, a flat material design inspired theme, for a variety of material design colors rather than just the standard cyan.

Screenshot gallery (for v3.91)

Following color variants are included:

  • Adapta-Red
  • Adapta-RedGrey
  • Adapta-Pink
  • Adapta-Purple
  • Adapta-DeepPurple
  • Adapta-Indigo
  • Adapta-Blue
  • Adapta-LightBlue
  • Adapta-Cyan
  • Adapta-Teal
  • Adapta-Green
  • Adapta-LightGreen
  • Adapta-Lime
  • Adapta-Amber
  • Adapta-Orange
  • Adapta-DeepOrange
  • Adapta-Brown
  • Adapta-Grey
  • Adapta-BlueGrey

With 6 themes for each:

  • standard light theme
  • Nokto - dark theme
  • Eta - compact
  • Nokto-Eta - dark and compact
  • Brila and Brila-Eta - light themes with light window decorations

Installation: unpack tarball into ~/.themes/ to install for current user only, or into /usr/share/themes/ or install .deb (for Debian/Ubuntu) to install system-wide.

If installing from a tarball make sure to install the dependencies:

sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf gtk2-engines-murrine

Roboto or Noto Sans is recommended as a UI font for this theme.

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