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Inception example

This is an example of a system for automatically creating pipelines that was created in order to create a video of it working, rather than as an example of good code for such a system. It isn't intended to be used for anything real, or to be a particularly good example. It has been deliberately kept short and simple.

Install requirements

Run the GoCD server and agent

  • docker-compose up -d

See GoCD server running

View http://localhost:8153

  • on a mac you'll need to do something special like docker-machine ip default to find the appropriate ip address to use instead of "localhost".

Set up inception pipeline

  • docker-compose run configure bash

Inside container just started, run:


Note that this will run a script curled from my GitHub account. Don't run it until you have read the code and understood what it is doing.

Trigger inception



from within the container you just used for ./

  • curl -X POST http://go-server:8153/go/api/pipelines/inception/schedule


wait up to an hour (you could reduce the poll time by changing the value passed in to set_timer in

Create new repos

Do something that changes pipeline

  • if you are me, edit one of the "command.txt" files in one of the repos in
  • alternatively, clone this repo and edit (as in Create new repos), then edit one of the "command.txt" files in one of the relevant repos


The server says it can't resolve - follow these instructions.