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Commits on Dec 13, 2010
  1. Version 12

    cecamp committed with vim-scripts Dec 13, 2010
    * changed conc -> cole for vim 7.3's built-in conceal mode
    * included some additional escape sequences
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 11

    cecamp committed with vim-scripts Jun 22, 2010
    supports several escape sequences such as <esc>[m , <esc>[2J, and <esc>[H.
  2. Version 10

    cecamp committed with vim-scripts Apr 7, 2010
    AnsiEsc has 1 and 2 Ansi escape code sequences supported by fixed syntax highlighting rules; it now also builds custom syntax highlighting to support 3 and 4 Ansi Escape code sequences based on your current document.  So  \e[48;5;16m will now cause correct highlighting to follow, for example.
  3. Version 9

    cecamp committed with vim-scripts Mar 18, 2009
    * AnsiEsc comes in plugin + autoload format: faster vim startup, and AnsiEsc only when you want it.
    * Now provides a :AnsiEsc command totoggle ANSI escape sequence processing.
    Works with Vince Negri's conceal patch (if your vim supports VN's conceal, then the ansi-escape sequences are suppressed except on the line you're editing).
  4. Version 8

    cecamp committed with vim-scripts Aug 16, 2006
    Uses vim7.0's undercurl as a substitute for blinking (which Vim doesn't support), contains a small helpfile, and contains directions for getting Vince Negri's conceal patch for vim 7.0.
  5. Version 2

    cecamp committed with vim-scripts Nov 24, 2004
    I mistakenly removed AnsiEsc v2 (which is the version which doesn't use Vince Negri's conceal).  This update restores it!