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attending: the docs in!

A python package which brings better docstrings with an impeccable bedside manner.

The attending supervises other docs, and has the last word.


See to get started.

Supports Python 3.6 and above!

Goal: Improve the quality of resident docs.

It is widely accepted that Python comes with "batteries included", but one could also argue that "instructions may not be included" is a fair assessment.

The CPython community, which develops reference implementation of the language, prefers the cross-referencing and coherent standalone documentation provided by

The job of the attending is to make more documentation available directly in the REPL.

One of the more ambitious goals of this project is a "No docstring left as None" policy. A docstring of None is a bug in the standard library.

It's a joy to have usage examples in the docstring of a function. In the scientific Python community, that is a standard. Guido van Rossum was asked this question directly at the first PyData workshop in 2012, and replied:

You can't really expect us to write all of the documentation twice. So,
we've made a very solid commitment to having external documentation. I'm
not entirely sure how to build that interactive system but we can generate
different formats from the external documentation, it's not tied to HTML...


I don't think that you can get people to agree that we should abandon the
practice of writing good external documentation and instead start writing
good docstrings. It's one or the other, and we have too large an investment
in tools that do external documentation really well.

Why's it called attending?

attending physician:
the physician who is responsible for a particular patient. In a university hospital setting, an attending physician often also has teaching responsibilities, holds a faculty appointment, and supervises residents and medical students. Also called `attending`.
Mosby's Medical Dictionary

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