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fix multi_line_specials error

caused by e.g. test_prefilter/test_issue114
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1 parent 9a611b3 commit 8d86d579df0e76154fe9e9b7eddc8525cad3c343 @ivanov committed Jul 3, 2010
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@@ -695,7 +695,7 @@ def check(self, line_info):
return None
# We have a likely magic method. Make sure we should actually call it.
- if line_info.continue_prompt and not
+ if line_info.continue_prompt and not self.prefilter_manager.multi_line_specials:
return None
head = line_info.ifun.split('.',1)[0]

2 comments on commit 8d86d57

For future reference, you can use "Closes #114" and GH will automatically link the commit and bug, and close the bug itself.



ivanov replied Jul 18, 2010

good to know, Fernando, except that this fix does no close that issue, it simply makes that issue's test run (and at the moment, fail) instead of throw an error.

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