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updated IPython module organization descriptions

removed IPython.gui, since that was moved to deathrow, and
IPython.kernel since it was deprecated. Added links to relevant sections
of documentation when appropriate.

Thanks to Jason Grout for point out that this was out of date.
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@@ -11,16 +11,16 @@ top-level IPython subpackages.
Subpackage descriptions
-* :mod:`IPython.config`. This package contains the configuration system of
- IPython, as well as default configuration files for the different IPython
- applications.
+* :mod:`IPython.config`. This package contains the :ref:`configuration system
+ <config_index>` of IPython, as well as default configuration files for the
+ different IPython applications.
* :mod:`IPython.core`. This sub-package contains the core of the IPython
interpreter, but none of its extended capabilities.
* :mod:`IPython.deathrow`. This is for code that is outdated, untested,
rotting, or that belongs in a separate third party project. Eventually all
- this code will either i) be revived by someone willing to maintain it with
+ this code will either 1) be revived by someone willing to maintain it with
tests and docs and re-included into IPython or 2) be removed from IPython
proper, but put into a separate third-party Python package. No new code will
be allowed here. If your favorite extension has been moved here please
@@ -39,18 +39,24 @@ Subpackage descriptions
Usually, these are short, single file modules.
* :mod:`IPython.frontend`. This package contains the various IPython
- frontends. Currently, the code in this subpackage is very experimental and
- may be broken.
-* :mod:`IPython.gui`. Another semi-experimental wxPython based IPython GUI.
-* :mod:`IPython.kernel`. This contains IPython's parallel computing system.
+ frontends which communicate with the :mod:`IPython.zmq` kernels (see
+ :ref:`Messaging in IPython <messaging>`). This includes the
+ :ref:`ipython notebook <htmlnotebook>`, :ref:`ipython qtconsole
+ <qtconsole>`, and :ref:`ipython console <two_process_console>` entry points.
* :mod:`IPython.lib`. IPython has many extended capabilities that are not part
of the IPython core. These things will go here and in. Modules in this
package are similar to extensions, but don't adhere to the official
IPython extension API.
+* :mod:`IPython.nbformat`. This package contains code related to reading and
+ writing :ref:`IPython Notebook's <htmlnotebook>` file format (`.ipynb`
+ files).
+* :mod:`IPython.parallel`. This contains :ref:`IPython's parallel computing
+ system <parallel_index>`. This previously lived under :mod:`IPython.kernel`,
+ but that module has been deprecated.
* :mod:`IPython.quarantine`. This is for code that doesn't meet IPython's
standards, but that we plan on keeping. To be moved out of this sub-package
a module needs to have approval of the core IPython developers, tests and
@@ -62,10 +68,18 @@ Subpackage descriptions
command line scripts. Eventually, these should be moved to the
:file:`scripts` subdirectory of the appropriate IPython subpackage.
+* :mod:`IPython.testing`. This package contains code related to the IPython
+ test suite, which locates and executes the `tests` submodules of all
+ IPython sub-packages. It also contains decorators and utilities relevant for
+ testing.
* :mod:`IPython.utils`. This sub-package will contain anything that might
eventually be found in the Python standard library, like things in
:mod:`genutils`. Each sub-module in this sub-package should contain
functions and classes that serve a single purpose and that don't
depend on things in the rest of IPython.
+* :mod:`IPython.zmq`. This sub-package contains code related to starting and
+ managing IPython kernels, which :mod:`IPython.frontend` instances can then
+ communicate with (see :ref:`Messaging in IPython <messaging>`).
@@ -100,6 +100,7 @@ not need to make this decision when starting the server.
See :ref:`the Notebook docs <htmlnotebook>` for technical details.
+.. _two_process_console:
Two-process terminal console

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