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The sample implementation of the Clean Architecture Principles with .NET Core. Use cases as a central organizing structure, decoupled from frameworks, and technology details. Built with small components that are developed and tested in isolation.

Manga is a Virtual Wallet application in which a customer can register an account then manage the balance by Deposits, Withdraws, and Transfers.


Learn how to design modular applications.

Explore the .NET Core features.

Learn how to design modular applications

Learning how to design modular applications will help you become a better engineer. Designing modular applications is the holy grail of software architecture, it is hard to find engineers experienced in designing applications which allows adding new features at a steady speed.

Explore the .NET Core features

.NET Core brings a sweet development environment, an extensible and cross-platform framework. We will explore the benefits of it in the infrastructure layer and we will reduce its importance in the application and domain layers. The same rule is applied for modern C# language syntax.

Learn from the open-source community

This is a continually updated open-source project.

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Learn from the community.

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  • I am part of a large network of Brazilian developers, to include them in the discussions I pinned the Discussão em Português.