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✅ Commad-Line Task management with storage on your GitHub 🔥

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The simple task management powered by .NET Core Global Tools and accesible everywhere with your GitHub account.




$ dotnet tool install -g todo


It requires a Personal Access Token from your GitHub account. Create one, make sure to include Gist in the scope and copy the token.

Replace the YOUR_GIST_TOKEN with the copied token then run the following command:


Task Management Commands

Command Description
todo "Boil water in a large pot" Adds a new task.
todo ls List all tasks.
todo ren 128 "Salt the water" Renames task title with id 128 to Salt the water.
todo do 6d Marks task with id 6d to done.
todo undo f1381d68 Marks task with id f1381d68 to incomplete.
todo rm f02a57b8 Removes task with id f02a57b8.

Configuration Commands

Command Description
todo gt YOUR_GIST_TOKEN Set the GitHub account ID.
todo gi YOUR_GIST_ID Set the Gist ID to sync your tasks.

Run todo help for the complete list of parameters and todo i to enter in the interactive mode.


▶️ Running from source

$ dotnet run --project "source/TodoList.ConsoleApp/TodoList.ConsoleApp.csproj" -- i

🏁 Development Environment

  • MacOS Mojave 🍎
  • Visual Studio Code ❤️
  • .NET Core SDK 2.2
  • Docker 🐳 (Optional)
  • SQL Server (Optional)

☎️ Support and Issues

Please give it a star then open an issue.