Prates et al. 2018 Ecology and Evolution
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Prates et al. 2018 Ecology and Evolution

This repository contains information associated with the manuscript entitled:

Local adaptation in mainland anole lizards: Integrating population history and genome-environment associations.

By Ivan Prates, Anna Penna, Miguel T. Rodrigues, and Ana C. Carnaval.

The manuscript was published in Ecology and Evolution in 06 November 2018 and can be found at:

The following information is provided:

  • R and Unix shell scripts used to prepare and filter the data and perform all analyses.
  • R code used to define prior ranges for the parameters of SNAPP and G-PhoCS analyses.
  • R code used to make plots of population genetic structure from SNMF results.
  • Genetic and environmental data used in all analyses.
  • Configuration files used in SNAPP (.xml) and G-PhoCS (.ctl) analyses.
  • Results from analyses performed in R using the LEA package (LFMM, SNMF, PCA).
  • Data used to make maps shown in Fig. 1 of the manuscript.

Raw read data was deposited in the Sequence Read Archive and can be retrieved at:

Supplementary information can be find in the Dryad Digital Repository at: