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Scripts, data, and supplementary information associated with the manuscript "Effects of arthropod prey turnover on the chemical traits of poison frogs: A landscape ecology approach to assess the phenotypic consequences of biotic interactions".
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Prates et al. 2019, in preparation.

This repository contains information associated with the manuscript entitled:

Effects of prey turnover on poison frog toxins: using landscape ecology to assess how biotic interactions affect species phenotypes.

By Ivan Prates, Andrea Paz, Jason L. Brown, and Ana C. Carnaval.

A version of this manuscript has been uploaded as a preprint to bioRxiv on 7 July 2019 and can be found at:

The following information is provided:

  • R scripts used to prepare and filter the data and perform the analyses.
  • Matrices of alkaloid composition dissimilarity, estimated ant assemblage dissimilarity, genetic distances between poison frog populations, and geographic distances between sites.
  • Outputs from multiple matrix regression with randomization (MMRR) and linear regression analyses.
  • Supplementary Information 2: Decisions on alkaloid and ant data.
  • Supplementary Information 4: Optimized parameters used in individual species distribution models.

Raw alkaloid (Supplementary Information 1) and ant locality data (Supplementary Information 3) to be included following article acceptance.

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