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Modern Applications of Numerical Linear Algebra Methods

This is the collection of course materials for the GIAN Course Modern Applications of Numerical Linear Algebra Methods.

Browse the notebooks

The course was held from June 26, 2016 to July 5, 2016 at IIT Indore. The notebooks are currently being used in the course "Numerical Linear Algebra" at the University of Split.

Here are some links:

The course consists of three modules:

  • Module A - Short Julia Course
  • Module B - Eigenvalue and Singular Value Decompositions
  • Module C - Applications

The course is presented through twenty one-hour lectures and ten two-hour tutorials.

Course materials are using Julia programming language and are presented as Jupyter notebooks. The naming scheme of the notebooks is the following:

  • lectures start with L,
  • tutorial assignments start with T, and
  • solutions to tutorial assignments start withS.

PDF files for the three modules are also provided. Meanwhile, the notebooks are being updated and ported to the current version of Julia.

To understand the author's concepts behind the creation of the course, read the Manifest.

The notebooks can be used in three ways:

  1. Browsing the notebooks with Jupyter notebook viewer -> browse the notebooks

  2. Cloning the notebooks to your computer with the command (in Linux)

    git clone

    For Windows, you can install the GitHub Desktop and use it to clone the repository.

    The notebooks are now located in the directory GIAN-Applied-NLA-Course/src/ and can be used interactively (you need to install Julia and Jupyter as described in the notebook [L00 Installing and Running Julia]( A - Short Julia Course/L00 Installing and Running Julia.ipynb)). PDF files used in original course are in the directory src/pdf. PDF files of the updated notebooks are in the directory src/pdf/new.

  3. Executing the notebooks on JuliaBox:

  • go to and sign in
  • go to Git
  • paste the address into Git Clone URL box
  • check that the Branch is set to master
  • press + to add the repository
  • close the Git window

The directory GIAN-Applied-NLA-Course is now listed. The notebooks are located in the directory src/.


Materials for the GIAN Course "Modern Applications of Numerical Linear Algebra Methods"




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