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Weather@SG mobile automation with Restful API
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Weather @ SG mobile app automation

This framework is designed to test the weather@sg app with public backend api

This repository contains 1 test case as an example using the framework. If you want to see more test case examples, please contact me for more information.

Execution of test

Install dependencies and run the test. You will need maven to be installed first. Run this on terminal or command prompt.

  • mvn install

  • mvn test

Project preparation

Create 2 folders (for reports and logs) under the main project folder

  • TestReport
  • log

Please setup your machine for Appium before continuing. If you are using a Mac , I wrote an article for setting up

Story : As a customer , I like to know the 24 hour weather forecast
Scenario : Customer use mobile to find temperature , humidity and wind information for 24 hour forecast using Weather@SG application
Given customer wants to find the weather for 24 hour forecast
When customer launch Weather@SG app
Then information will be retrieved from backend and display to customer in application page

Test scenario T1-110

Objective for this test scenario is the verify the 24 hour forecast on the mobile and backend

  • Launch weather@sg android
  • Click on the bottom bar menu button "24 hour forecast" page
  • Extract all the mobile elements text from 24 hour forecast - temperature , humidity , wind speed , direction example
  • Break up the mobile element strings
  • Compare the mobile element text with the backend restapi strings
  • Generate a report and log

Videos Tutorials and demo

There is a 2 minutes video quick demo.
If you want to know more details how to create this framework , there is a 4 parts 30 minutes video series in here

I can be contacted by Linkedin or Skype : tay.phones

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